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Virginia Man Smashes Window to Save Dog Trapped Inside a Hot Car

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A Virginia dog lover took matters into his own hands to save a dog trapped inside a hot car, most likely saving the animal’s life.

Although summer is still nearly two months away, many areas are already experiencing temperatures that are dangerous to dogs left in hot cars.

Even when weather seems relatively mild and with windows cracked, temperatures inside a parked vehicle can quickly reach life-threatening levels. Such was the case on Tuesday afternoon when a Virginia man took matters into his own hands, smashed a window to rescue a dog trapped inside a hot car, probably saving the dog’s life.

Jason Minson, an Army veteran with a Great Dane service dog of his own, was on a landscaping job site in Norfolk when he spotted a black Lab-mix puppy locked inside a car parked near Old Dominion University. When he got closer he saw the dog was showing signs of distress.

Minson immediately contacted police for help and began offering the dog water through a 1″ opening in the window. The pup gulped down two entire bottles of water in a matter of moments.

Police were unable to open the vehicle without damaging it and, after about 20 minutes of trying, were about to contact the fire department for help when Minson took matters into his own hands. Although Norfolk Police are permitted to break a car window to rescue dog, Minson feared for the dog’s life and didn’t believe he would survive long enough for the fire department to arrive.

“F*** it! Charge me with a crime!” Minson told police before smashing the car window and saving the dog. He was not charged for damaging the vehicle.

He posted video and commentary to his Facebook page, warning others about the danger to their dogs.

“I honestly didn’t think the dog would make it long enough for the fire department to get there,” he told WTKR. He also added that if the roles were reversed, he would hope that someone would act on behalf of his dog, too.

“Everyone is always in a rush; rush here, rush there, pick up kids, get groceries and we forget. I don’t know how you could, but some people forget. If I ever got out and went in the store and forgot about Rex, I would pray someone would knock my window out,” he said.

Animal Control officers eventually arrived and are now caring for the dog that they say is now in good condition. Animal cruelty charges are pending against the dog’s owner.

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