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Puppy-Proofing Your Home

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Before your new puppy sets foot in your house, proofing your is very important to keep him away from any possible danger. Use the guide below to find out what needs to be checked out to make sure your home is safe and inviting for your newest family member. Some of the most common household items can be dangerous to a curious puppy.

How to Prepare:

The Kitchen

  • Close and lock cabinet doors for it may contain toxic cleaners that would be dangerous to the pet.
  • Check the accessible garbage pails for food and plastic wraps or foils in it that your pet might swallow.
  • Remove over-hanging pan handles as they can be pulled off the stove.
  • Do not leave oven doors open as they may be very hot.
  • Keep knives and skewers out of reach as they can be licked, or worse, swallowed.
  • Make sure that there are no plastic canisters anywhere as they can form deadly airtight seals if the puppy gets its head stuck inside.
  • Do not let your puppy stand under your feet as you cook.

The Dining Room

  • Secure swinging doors that may swing shut on the pet’s tail, or worse, on his neck.
  • Check hanging tablecloths as they can be pulled down along with the plates and utensils on it.

The Family Room

  • Get a secure fire screen for the fireplace and do not leave your puppy unattended around a lit fire.
  • Cover electrical outlets as it can shock if licked.
  • Hide as many electric cords as possible for it can also shock if chewed through.
  • Keep sewing baskets and craft kits away from the pet as they may contain items that would certainly be dangerous when swallowed.
  • Provide baby gates in front of your stairways as puppies may not be quite ready to navigate steps.

The Bedroom

  • Do not leave toys out as they can be easily destroyed; with parts becoming dangerous if swallowed.
  • Keep coins out of reach as well, for those are also harmful if swallowed.
  • Close closet doors closed and put shoes on racks to keep the puppy from chewing them.
  • Keep the puppy away from diaper pails. When swallowed, plastic diapers can result to bowel obstructions.
  • Hang the long cords of blinds out of reach or cut the loops as puppy can choke if  the cord catches its head.

The Bathroom

  • Always close the bathroom door.
  • Keep puppies away from toiletries as well as drain cleaners.
  • Store medicines out of reach as the pet can chew through the caps and overdose on usually safe medications.

Do you have any additional suggestions for puppy proofing your home? Share them with our readers below!

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