Quick Guide to Dog Accessories

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Here’s a quick guide to dog accessories, covering the most basic and important ones you probably will be considering, especially if you’re getting a new dog and are a first-time owner.

Accessories are sometimes needed by dogs for many reasons. They could be needed to support their physical health, to help them be comfortable, to help them learn discipline and train them, to serve as protection from danger, or most of the time, to allow them to have “their place” so as not to disturb others. Here is a list of must-have dog accessories and tips on how to use them and some other reminders:

Quick Guide to Dog Accessories

•    Dog crates. These are confinements that come in air wire, solid plastic or in-between mesh, and are guaranteed to give your dog his own private space in your yard or in the house. It also saves your plants and greenery from getting soiled and helps protect your house furniture, flooring and carpets. This is a perfect tool for puppies and adults who are overactive and always on the go with too much energy. It also helps puppies to be trained more easily because it helps them become more disciplined.

  • Wire crates can be further customized by putting blankets, dog-print fabrics, and other materials in them. You can also put plywood on top to turn it to a table for grooming your dog and for other purposes you might think of. There is also a bare metal bottom of a wire crate which dogs enjoy lying down to cool off during the hot seasons. For dogs with arthritis, they should also have soft surfaces in their crate, such as washable crate liners made from different fillings and fabrics.
  • Mesh crates come in different designs and colors and have the function of keeping your dog’s space private but still allow air circulation. It is more light weight than wire crates so it cannot be turned into a table, but can be taken with you to many places in case you are travelling with your dog. These become the dog’s “safe haven”, or “dog cave” due to being a more solid structure where the dog feels safe when within it. They have many benefits that help in positive training and behavior.

•    Dog beds. Your dog needs a good place to sleep, not just on the backyard or on the porch. Your dog needs comfort and this is why he or she needs a warm and comfortable bed to sleep on. It should be washable or have a washable cover at least, in case your dog gets it dirty. It should also be just the right size for your buddy – 15 pound dogs and below can have a bed pillow with a cover, while 30 pound dogs and above need a king-sized pillow. The colors of the cloths should also go along with the furniture and the curtains of your house, and the pillows should also be washable, and should be washed at least every 2-3 months. Ideally, combine a good bed with the crates above for overnight.

•    Dog collars and leashes. Traditionally, dogs only need a collar for his everyday life and another one for training and walking. However, fashion and trends have greatly influenced the canine life and many owners have different collars for different situations and/or occasions. Some are even made to match the coat of your buddy, whether it’s in solid color or with patterns. Some even have bandana patterns and paw prints on them. There are also the traditional leather collars and leashes, which can be hung on leash holders or organizers, which can be bought from different stories.

•    Dog harnesses. Should you use these? I’ve heard some people express concerns about the use of harnesses. There are certain breeds of dogs where use of harnesses is almost mandatory, according to this quote by Cesar Millan, the “Dog Whisperer”:

This is … a safe option for dogs with pushed-in faces that restrict breathing, such as pugs, dogs with trachea or throat problems, such as Pomeranians, and dogs with elongated, overly slender necks, such as Greyhounds….

If you’re not sure which type of collar is best for your little fur ball, check with your veterinarian.

The above quick guide to dog accessories will get your dog well-set up with good basic accessories. You can add others if or when the need arises.

Are there any other accessories that to you, are absolutely necessary? If so, please share with our other readers below.

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