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How Tight Should Dog Collars Be?

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There are a lot of reasons why dog collars are essential accessories. It helps in training, identification and most importantly, ensures safety for the dog.

There are many dog collars available now in the market. To name a few, there are traditional, fabric, leather and martingale collars. Most dog owners prefer to order online when purchasing a dog collar rather than taking their dog to a pet store. And this frequently causes trouble in accurately measuring the size. How tight should a dog collar be? 

Dogs come in different breeds and sizes. The neck of a dog varies in size depending on the breed and coat. As a result, it is impossible to generalize a single measurement for all dogs. In addition, the shape, style, and material of the dog collars affect how well they fit around the dog’s neck. It is important that your dog is comfortable when wearing a collar. 

Generally speaking, the collar shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. A tight collar can irritate the skin and even cause your dog to suffocate. It shouldn’t be so loose, though, that the dog can get its neck free of the collar. Your dog should be able to breathe, eat, drink, and move its neck freely while wearing a collar.

You can use the two-finger rule when using a measuring tape to determine the circumference of your dog’s neck. Two fingers should fit between the collar and your dog’s neck without any difficulty. As an option, you can increase your dog’s neck size by a few centimeters. 

For first-time buyers, the sizing charts are very helpful. Once you have the accurate measurement of your dog’s neck, you can compare it to the reference sizes on the chart to ensure the new collar fits your dog perfectly. Stores and websites both offer these size references for your convenience. These are especially useful when shopping online because you can’t try the dog collar on; instead, you trust the chart and place the order appropriately. Purchasing the item that comes the closest to your measurement figure is preferable because sizes and measurements can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

If your dog is showing signs like coughing, shortness of breath and loss of fur, it may be an indication that the fit of the collar causes discomfort and pain.

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