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‘Real Housewife’ Brandi Glanville Offers $10k Reward for Missing Dog

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Brandi Glanville’s Chihuahua-mix, Chica, has been missing for several days after the reality star’s home was burglarized. She is expected to be in or around the Los Angeles area. Photo courtesy of Brandi Glanville.

The controversial star of Bravo TV’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville, is desperately searching for her missing dog, a tiny Chihuahua-mix named Chica, after her home was allegedly burglarized last Thursday.

Glanville took to Twitter immediately after discovering little Chica was missing, begging fans and followers to help her locate the tiniest member of her family. “My dog Chica is lost please help! Call me.”

After the little dog had been missing for more than a day, the reality star offered a $10,000 reward to anyone that brings the little brown dog home. She also confided in her fans, saying that her boys, 9-year old Mason and 5-year old Jake, will be devastated at the loss of Chica.

“I will give anyone who finds my dog chica in Bel air, La, Encino area 10 thousand dollars. Please please. She has a collar call me!” the star Tweeted.

Chica is a small brown and white Chihuahua-mix female. She is expected to be in the Bel Air, Los Angeles, or Encino, California area.

As if the devastation of losing a pet isn’t enough, Glanville is now dealing with a slew of prank calls and fans just hoping to speak with her. It is clear in Brandi’s latest Tweets that she’s now being harassed by people without information about the dog, even hiring an answering service to handle all of the calls. Additionally, someone is taking down all of the family’s missing dog signs, making the search for little Chica harder than ever.

She begs followers on Twitter, “Please please please dont call the number if you dont have dog information!!! Please!” And later, “I hired an answering service to handle chicas calls. Please stop calling them if u dont have a lead. Please.”

While little Chica is still missing, as Brandi and her boys searched nearby shelters for the lost little girl, some good did come out of their search – the family adopted another little one. Brandi Tweeted, “We have a new family member until Chica comes back to us,” along with a photo of her son, Mason, holding the little dog that they’ve named “Chody.”

Glanville has another dog, a small white female named Sugar. No other belongings are reported missing from Glanville’s home besides Chica.

If you are in the Los Angeles area, please be on the lookout for a tiny brown/white Chihuahua mix. If found, please call the number on her tag, or take to the nearest shelter so that she can be reunited with her family.

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  1. Avatar Of Frances



    I do have to wonder how many dog that look like hers will be stolen by people trying to claim the reward.

  2. Avatar Of Wild Cat

    Wild Cat


    …….some good did come out of their search – the family adopted another little one. Brandi Tweeted, “We have a new family member until Chica comes back to us,” along with a photo of her son, Mason, holding the little dog that they’ve named “Chody.”….

    I don’t see it as “good”, she is not really adopting that dog….. according to her tweet she is only keeping it “Until Chica comes back”……. so she will probably get rid of it once the missing dog is back…… real caring person she seems to be….

    • Avatar Of Brandy Brandy says:

      I believe you’re reading too far into what was quoted. If you look at her Twitter page, and the fact that you can only enter 140 characters per Tweet, you’ll see that what she was trying to say was that they had adopted another dog (all her other dogs are rescues as well) while they wait for Chica to come home – she’s not going to ditch the new dog when the missing one returns. She’s very upset the dog is gone and has rescued another dog in the meantime.

      Like Ms. Glanville or hate her, she is an animal lover and is doing a great thing by rescuing from a shelter when so many celebs instead buy from breeders or pet stores.

      • Avatar Of Wild Cat

        Wild Cat


        Can’t believe that some one who loves their dog so much and being so rich to be able to offer 10K as a reward can’t find a better quality pic of the dog…….does she really only have this one low quality fuzzy picture of it? Seriously?!?

        I got hundreds of pictures of my dog!

        I don’t watch the real housewives and I don’t know her at all but this whole thing just sounds to me like another publicity stunt of an attention seeking “celeb”


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