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RECALL ALERT: 14 Brands Now Part of Diamond Pet Food Recall!

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Just when you thought the Diamond Pet Foods’ massive recall due to salmonella contamination at their Gaston, SC plant was under control, even more brands are being added to the recall list which now totals 14.

Oh, and did we mention Diamond has provided incorrect bag codes and “best by” dates in their previous recall notices? If you feed your dog ANY of the brands mentioned below, please click the name of that food to see the latest official recall notice and check that your bag is safe.

In fact, even if you’ve already checked, check again – the information from Diamond seems to be changing daily.




Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul

Country Value


Diamond Naturals

Kirkland Signature

Premium Edge


Solid Gold

Taste of the Wild


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  1. Avatar Of Gina Verdensky

    Gina Verdensky


    Check with the individual companies that hire Diamond to make their food. Find out how they are handling the situation. I’ve used Solid Gold products for almost 30 years and anytime I had a question they were always helpful – and they didn’t brush me off or answer with a standard or “formula” response. They are happy to give detailed descriptions of what is in their products and why they are included. Just got off the phone with SG and was completely satisfied with how they are handling this latest problem. Do your homework, CALL whatever Dog Food company you deal with and find out first hand rather than depending on articles and “knee jerk” reactions from outraged pup parents (and this is not to lessen the fact that some of your babies have become really ill – my heart goes out to you). Even if you don’t buy Solid Gold hopefully your dog food company will be able to calm your fears and concerns. Trust me, we have 5 canine kids and I feel more than comfortable using this particular dog food.

  2. Avatar Of Janelle



    I was told that it only hit the east coast, but my dog has nearly died from dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea for TWO weeks, the day he started his new bag of dog food. If you have ANY of these bags, but don’t live on the west coast, throw them away!!!

    My dog is an indoor ONLY dog, so he has NOT gotten into anything. It is ALL OVER NOT just the east coast!!!

    • Avatar Of John



      NO Don’t throw them away!! RETURN them!! That way Diamond loses money, not you! But be sure to have proof that you returned it because of your pet getting sick. If you throw it out, you won’t be doing anyone a favor, except for Diamond Pet Food.

      Some of their food has been recalled before. It clearly shows they don’t care about food safety at all.. but if they use ingredients from China, we should have already known that.

  3. Avatar Of Deborah



    Writing a letter is useless. Be pro-active and hit them where it hurts – in the wallet. Boycott ALL their products. They are also in the news financially for inappropriate financial activities. Sell their stock if you own any. Enough of that will drive them out of business.

  4. Avatar Of Gayle



    When the hell will Diamond Foods be put out of business? They continue to buy from China, and China is a country that eats dogs so they don’t give a damn about pets in general. How many animals must die before our government does closes down Diamond Foods? What a travesty. We, as their humans, must speak up for the voiceless babies. I wrote to Diamond Foods, but I know in my heart they ignored my letter. Perhaps if thousands of people write to them, something in their conscience will wake up and do what is write by customers and pets.

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