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RECALL ALERT: Against The Grain Dog Food Recalled due to Presence of Drug Pentobarbital

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Out of an abundance of caution, Against the Grain Pet Food is voluntarily recalling one lot of Against the Grain Pulled Beef with Gravy Dinner for Dogs that was manufactured and distributed in 2015.

The 12 oz. Against the Grain Pulled Beef with Gravy Dinner for Dogs that is being voluntarily recalled, due to the potential presence of pentobarbital, has an expiration date of December 2019, a lot number of 2415E01ATB12, and the second half of the UPC code is 80001 (which can be found on the back of the product label).

Against The Grain

Oral exposure to pentobarbital can cause side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, excitement, loss of balance, nausea nystagmus (eyes moving back and forth in a jerky manner), inability to stand and coma.

Note: To-date, no complaints have been reported to Against the Grain for this single lot number nor any of Against the Grain’s pet foods, since the company was founded.

In 2015, this one lot of product was distributed to independent pet retail stores in Washington and Maryland, though it has been verified that this lot is no longer on any store shelves. This voluntary recall only affects one specific lot of food.

Consumers may return any can with the aforementioned lot number, to their place of purchase and receive a full case of Against the Grain food for the inconvenience. For any questions, customers may contact the company at 708-566-4410 between 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM Central Time, Monday – Friday.

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  1. Avatar Of Nancy Raymond

    Nancy Raymond


    These shelters get money for the dead animals they provide to these dog food companies – the whole scenario is suspicious – it is obvious no one cared what was in that dog food. Animals that are euthanized should be properly buried.

  2. Avatar Of Dmak



    How can trace amounts of pentobarbita, a euthanasia drug, be found in dog food? How exactly does this happen?!?!?!

    • Avatar Of Millan



      My thoughts exactly. I know nothing about this company. The ingredients that are listed appear to be quite healthy. IF that is what is truly in the food. After reading horror stories of what some companies put in their cans, my dogs now eat a raw diet. Mention of euthanized animals (dogs , cats) being used as a cheap ingredient solidified my raw feeding choice. And when "animal products" are stated , know that it may be any kind of animal. Animal digest, animal fat are common ingredients in some of the foods. I researched intensely before deciding to change my dogs diet to raw. One of my dogs has severe allergies and nothing else worked. Steroid shots, allergy shots etc and hundreds and hundreds of dollars to the vet. She has not been back to the vet since she has been eating raw. The things I discovered about "dog food" was horrifying– I will not even share I can not think of any other way pentathol gets into dog food. And the company is not offering any explanation……………

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