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Recall Alert: Arrow Brand & Petrus Dog Foods Recalled

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The aflatoxin mold outbreak which caused several brands of dog food to be recently recalled is continuing to be a problem for even more brands. In this recall alert, Arrow Brand and Petrus Dog Foods are now added to the growing recall list. Darren Halas of Z6Mag reported in a recent article the details of the FDA’s recall. If your dog eats either of these brands, or if you live in the Louisiana and Texas areas, please read carefully to ensure that your dog isn’t affected.

Recall Alert: Arrow Brand & Petrus Dog Foods Recalled

The dog foods have been recalled due to high levels of aflatoxin being found in dry dog foods. Aflatoxin occurs naturally in corn products and is typically a mold by-product. The corn that was used in the dry food manufacturing was the culprit of this recall.

Arrowbrand dog foods was one of the brands mentioned in the aflatoxin dry dog food recall. Please check your Arrow Brand Dog Food to see if it has these product identification codes on it:

ARROWBRAND 21% Dog Chunks SKU #807 40 lb. bag

ARROWBRAND Super Proeaux Dog Food SKU #812 40 lb. bag

ARROWBRAND Professional Formula Dog Food SKU #814 50 lb. bag

You need to dispose of the listed dog foods only if the Packaging Date Code Lot Numbers are in the 4K0341 through 4K0365 through 04K1001 through 4K1325 range. Only the Arrow Brand dog foods listed above are effected by this recall. These dog foods were distributed in Louisiana (LA) and Texas (TX).

Another brand that has released a recall on their product is Petrus Feed and Seed Stores. The brand that is effected for Patrus dog food is the 21% dog food bags that were distributed in 40lbs bags that are labeled as Petrus Feed bags. The date codes for these specific bags are lot numbers 4K1011 through 4K1335. This dog food was also strictly distributed in Louisiana dog food distribution channels.

Symptoms of the aflatoxin will give your dog a sluggish behavior with lethagy and physical effects to their eyes or gums adding a yellowish tint. You might also notice your dog being reluctant to eat anymore of the aflatoxin contaminated food and vomiting or diarrhea can be seen in dogs that have been made ill by the food. Take your dog to a veterinarian or a pet hospital if you have any of these foods and see any symptoms.

To read more from Z6Mag, click here. And, please share this article about Arrow Brand and Petrus dog foods being recalled with family and friends that may be feeding these brands to their dogs. Do you have any experience with a recalled dog food? Tell us about it below!

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