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RECALL ALERT: Dave’s ‘Simply the Best’ Dry Dog Food

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A batch of approximately 300 bags of Dave’s Simply the Best dry dog food with a “Best By” date of October 15 and 16, 2016, are being voluntarily recalled due to consumer complaints of a rancid smell similar to kerosene.

In a letter to customers posted at, owner David Ratner explained,

Hi Folks,

How ironic is this, we had a batch of Simply The Best food that has a terrible smell.  Fortunately, it only happened with a small batch of food.  If you have a bag with the best used date of Oct 16th, 2016 please bring the food back to us. There are no health or safety issues, the foul smell is caused by a bad batch of rice flour which is part of the ingredients.

Since my name is on the bag, I am mortified that this happened. The manufacturer does a battery of  quality control tests before they release any food and nothing unusual showed up on that batch. The smell started a couple of months after we got the food.

Thanks so much for trusting us with the health of your real significant other!!!


While Dave’s Pet Food states the food does not present any health concerns (note: we’re not exactly in agreement with this statement), customers should discontinue feeding immediately and return any unused portion to their place of purchase for a refund.

Those with questions or concerns should contact Dave’s Pet Food customer service Monday-Friday,9am-5pm EST at 1-888-763-2738. Or, email the company at [email protected].

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