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Redditer Uses Profits from GameStop Stock to Save His Dog’s Life

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A Texas man faced with either coming up with the thousands he needed for his dog’s surgery or saying goodbye to his best furry friend bet his entire savings on GameStop stock and won big.

Image: Hanson-Leung / Shutterstock.com

It’s hard to have missed hearing about video game retailer GameStop and a group of amateur stock investors on Reddit that worked together to put the squeeze on hedge funds last month. While the hedge funds are facing monumental losses and, perhaps, learning a tough lesson about greed, many newbie and amateur investors are turning big profits—and using them for good.

One 20-year old Cornell University student used his gains to buy video games and consoles for kids at Children’s Minnesota Hospital in Minneapolis.

Another, 33-year-old Texas construction worker Patrick Delgado, used his profits to save his dog’s life.

When he noticed his 2-year old American Bulldog, Toshi, wasn’t putting any weight on his back leg, Delgado took the pup to the veterinarian where he was given a choice—figure out how to pay for necessary surgery or put his beloved dog to sleep.

“I couldn’t sleep that entire night and I kept trying to think of what I could do to raise the money,” Delgado told Buzzfeed News. “I was going to start a GoFundMe or something, but I’ve never been the kind of person to ask for charity.”

He explained on Reddit:

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Turns out he needed knee surgery that costed $4,000.00. I broke down because I didn’t have that much, didn’t qualify for the payment plan, and it was either the surgery or wait till his other knee blew out then put him to sleep.

I put all the money I did have in GME around $97/ share & AMC at $4.84 Tuesday morning (a little less than $1k) with an exit plan to get out once I had enough for his surgery. This morning after market open I was able to sell enough to pay for his TPLO surgery! I am in tears and really grateful. Thank you everyone and good luck!”

Toshi’s surgery is already scheduled and both dad and dog are happy.

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  1. Avatar Of Melody Sharbonow

    Melody Sharbonow


    God bless you Patrick & Toshi too. Bully breeds are my breed of choice for the past 35 years, they are wonderful loving dogs. The people that don’t like or are affraid of these beautiful dogs have never had one or even been in contact with one. Just as powerful as they are, they are just as loving. There are things to know about the breed before you take one home to your family.
    GOOD LUCK PATRICK & TOSHI, Please let us know how his surgury goes.
    Thanks Melody

  2. Avatar Of Linda



    So sorry for Toshi. My dog had a fully torn acl and ccl. The veterinarian tried to sell me tplo surgery too. But a retired vet told me to get a custom Posh dog knee brace. The Poshdogkneebrace supported the knee and my dog recovered without tplo surgery. Your vet should have been honest and told you about all the available solutions for a torn acl ccl. Cancel the surgery and get a poshdogkneebrace .com as that makes all the difference and there is no risk of infection and no risk of any bad side effects.

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