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Rescue Dog Alerts Owner to Fire Next Door, Saves Family Sleeping Inside

A rescue dog became an Independence Day hero after alerting her owners to a fire next door. Thanks to her persistence, a family of three sleeping inside were saved.

Image courtesy of Franklin Fire Department

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that fireworks are responsible for close to 20,000 fires every year. One such fire began late at night on July 4 in Franklin, Tennessee.

Jeff LeCates’ three-year old rescue dog, Roux was barking “frantically and unusually” at his front door just before 10:45pm in the Twin Oaks neighborhood.  When he opened the door to investigate, she went flying out.  He followed and discovered his neighbor’s house was on fire.

LeCates immediately pounded on their door, waking the family of three and their pets, who escaped unharmed.  He used a garden hose on the fire until firefighters arrived.

Ironically, the woman who lives in the home that caught fire is a dog groomer and the reason LeCates adopted Roux 15 months earlier.  She knew that LeCates had lost his German Shepherd.  She also knew that Roux, who is a Belgian Malinois – a breed similar to German Shepherds, was in need of a home.  She helped to facilitate the adoption.

 According to Franklin Fire Marshal Andy King, fireworks caused the fire, resulting in approximately $50,000 in damage to the home.


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