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Rescued Pit Bull’s Incredible Journey from a Crackhouse to the Firehouse

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When rescuers found a pit bull abandoned inside an old crack house on Staten Island, they never imagined the amazing life she’d soon have ahead of her. Ashley, “Ash” for short, would win over the hearts of an entire fire department and land herself an awesome, exciting new life with a huge and loving, albeit unorthodox, family of firefighters.

It was mid-January when animal rescuers Erica Mahnken and Michael Favor of No More Pain Rescue found Ashley, malnourished, dehydrated, freezing cold, and covered in cigarette burns, abandoned alone with no food or water. They didn’t hesitate to rescue the gentle dog, but without a physical shelter, they weren’t sure where they’d house her until a foster or adopter was found.

Luckily, some friends at an East Side FDNY station called “Fort Pitt” agreed to provide Ashley with a temporary place to stay. Just 3 days after her arrival, the 1-year old pup had won over the entire department who called the rescue and asked to make it official.

Takin up- “hurry up LT I gotta 💩!!”

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Ashley’s having no trouble fitting in and is even working a little pitty magic on her fellow firefighters:

I’m trying to become the new battalion aid.

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When duty calls, Ashley’s got her own spot on the truck:

Learning my response area

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When she’s not assisting on a call or riding in the truck, Ashley prefers to watch closely for any and all activity in the firehouse kitchen:

Is dinner ready yet??….🕘 #sb51 #superbowlsunday

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Less than 2-months after meeting her new extended fire-fighting family, Ashley has become an integral part of the operation. When she was found, Ash was nearly 25-pound underweight. Today, she’s happy and healthy and surrounded by love.




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