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Safety Tips For Hiking

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There is a lot of enjoyment for dog owners and their dogs when going for a hike in the forests. I love to watch how my dogs run to investigate each new spot as they romp playfully through the woods.

However, you do need to take a few precautions when hiking with your dog. Below are a several good tips on what to take along so you and the pup return home safely.

This is the time of year when many hunters take to the woods in search of various game. It is mandatory these hunters wear blaze orange so they are highly visible. You and your dog also need to wear the same color. In fact, it is mandatory for humans even if they are not hunting. There are blaze orange vests for dogs that are lightweight and will not hinder the dog’s sense of freedom of movement. Use these and never take a chance of being mistaken for a deer.

When hiking with your dog carry a dog whistle for calling the dog back should they wander off. These special dog whistles send out a high frequency sound the human ear cannot hear but a dog will hear from as far away as five miles.

Identification tags on the collar are a must. Be careful to provide only a phone number and a small dash of info such “I am lost, contact this number for my owners”. Do not leave the dog’s name on the tag as this can be used by those who have found the pooch to lead the dog into thinking they are friends. This is not always the case when a lost dog is found by strangers so use this precaution. You can also include a small reward for the safe return of your dog.

Hike with a backpack containing one survival kit in the event you become lost and must spend the night in the woods. Food and water, along with a quality survival kit will provide you and the dog with all the essentials for a safe night in the woods. Most people are going to have a cell phone with them and feel the survival kit, along with food and water is not really required. This is a mistake because how do you know there will be cellular service in the area you are hiking in?

When hiking with your dog take these simple precautions for a safe and fun hike.

Do you enjoy hiking through forest with your doggy? Please offer any tips or comments in the space below.

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    Also be sure to let someone (preferably more than one someone) know where you are going and when you plan to get back. This is essential for a safe hike and to quickly get help if your someones don’t hear from you!

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