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Say It Ain’t So Hermione? Emma Watson Denies Animal Cruelty

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Is it okay if you hurt a dog for a good cause?

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Emma Watson Denies Animal Cruelty

Super star celebrity Emma Watson was spotted on a London Street walked a dyed florescent pink dog.

Dying a dog – or any animal – is considered an act of animal cruelty. Emma Watson Denies Animal Cruelty was at the root of this act.

The Improper website claims:

Say It Ain’t So Hermione? Emma Watson Denies Animal Cruelty

Watson was spotted on a London street with her one-year-old bichon frise Darcy on a leash. It’s fur was bright pink. But the British star potentially would be breaking the law in Los Angeles and possibly in New York City where its against the law to sell dyed chicks and rabbits.

Dying an animal is illegal in many states of the US. In fact, she would be breaking the law if she tried that in Hollywood.

So what’s the real story?

After the story broke Watson went on Twitter to deny that was her dog.

She says she doesn’t even own a dog.

She was walking Darcy for a friend who died her dog pink to bring awareness to breast cancer.

So it looks like when Emma Watson Denies Animal Cruelty, she’s telling the truth.

But it looks like she could use more intelligent and compassionate friends.

What do you think? Should Emma Watson walk a dog that has been treated cruelly?

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  2. Avatar Of Heather



    To clarify my above comment, I do not believe chicks, bunnies, etc. should be dyed (for sales purposes), and should not be marketed at all for Easter “gifts.” Anybody buying an animal should be prepared to care for it properly and for the duration of its natural life unless responsibly rehomed (or in the case of food animals, humanely slaughtered–attack me for that if you like but I am not a vegetarian and not a hypocrite about it).

  3. Avatar Of Heather



    Dyeing animals is silly, visually offensive, and a waste of money but by accounts I’ve read the dyes themselves are harmless, vegetable-based, and wear off or are out-grown within a few weeks. In the case of chicks, ducklings, and bunnies, dyeing is done to increase sales of the animals as Easter novelties which is in about 99% of cases a death sentence whether they are dyed or not, falling prey to neglect and/or cruelty (often by children, intentional or not). When dogs are dyed, it seems it is usually either by competitive groomers or for socialite owners with more money than brains. Some genuinely love their pets albeit in a rather misguided fashion (pun intended!), others see them more as an accessory and shouldn’t own an animal anyway. In either case, dyeing is far from the worst thing that can happen to a dog; this in itself does not even come close to abuse. You want to see abuse, how about dogs that are used for bait or fighting, are left chained out in all weather without adequate food or water, are left locked in cars on hot days, are tortured by truly evil people. Instead of taking cheap shots at a celebrity for her friend’s lack of taste, why not put your energy into combating real animal abuse?

  4. Avatar Of Realist



    Emma has never said she was into the animal rights thing in the first place… Just saying!

  5. Avatar Of Mary Bailey

    Mary Bailey


    I completely agree with Rachel. I personally believe dying a dog is ridiculous but no more dangerous or cruel than dressing them up like a doll. CHoose not to do it with your own pups and get over it.

  6. Avatar Of Rachel Fleming

    Rachel Fleming


    It’s nitpicking like this that makes animal advocates look like crazies and hurts our credibility when we try to address REAL issues.

  7. Avatar Of Darcy Dorwart

    Darcy Dorwart


    My dog, Chester, wears a coat when it is cold or rainy, but he draws the line at nail polish and fur dye!! Wanting to draw attention to breast cancer awareness can be done with a pink lead, collar, ribbon… If Emma is against animal cruelty she should not have ANYTHING to do with it… Her dog or not! and WHO names their dog DARCY !!??

  8. Avatar Of Ann



    If you don’t like the color a dog is born with then you do not deserve to have a dog (or any animal for that matter)! Buy yourself a stuffed hot pink toy and leave the dogs alone!

  9. Avatar Of Monique Klabis

    Monique Klabis


    Is it the owner that’s stupid or this post? Emma’s guilty of one thing…walking a dog for a friend. Give it a rest!

  10. Avatar Of Lee



    What cruelty? If a groomer did it, it was probably a vegetable based dye. They have competitions for that. What’s the big deal?

  11. Avatar Of Susan



    It’s just food dye for crying out loud…….The owner has every right to do as they wish with THEIR dog. It’s not cruel.

  12. Avatar Of Miki



    I was at a dog show in Japan with some friends of mine. We saw many colored (dyed) does. Actually they had a competition for it. So, seeing this did not surprise me one bit. Me, personally, will not dye my dogs. It is not necessary. My dogs are beautiful just the way they are. And my pappy knows she is beautiful. She will sit for the camera every time and wait for you to take her pic.

  13. Avatar Of Deidra Carson

    Deidra Carson


    The dog doesn’t care! The dyes groomers use are vegetable based and completely safe. And I’d like to repeat – THE DOG DOESN’T CARE! They don’t see colors, and they don’t know what they look like in the first place. The hardest part for them is sitting on a grooming table for the half hour it takes for the color to set.
    It is NOT cruelty to color a dog. What is cruel is saying to the dog “OH MY GOD! What have they done to you?” The dog reacts to the owner’s reaction. not to their own appearance.
    Let me say this one more time – THE DOG DOESN’T CARE! So stop whining and tell the dog how pretty it is. Positive reinforcement.

  14. PEOPLE PLEASE STOP…dogs have feelings and they r loyal…they will not tell u no to your stupidity….dying a dog is crazy and people who do it need to stop…simple thing to do STOP…

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