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See it! Man Kicks Stray Dog, Dog Returns With Friends for Revenge

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You don’t kick a dog and get away with it.

At least not a stray dog with several friends who’ve got his back!

When a man came home to his apartment in southwest China and found a stray dog sleeping in his parking spot, he kicked the dog, parked his car as usual, and went inside.

The dog, having had his sleeping spot taken and been kicked, walked away – or so it seemed to a neighbor who witnessed the exchange.

But, a short time later, the dog returned, with a couple of friends in tow, and took revenge on the man’s car.

And, it’s awesome. See?

You Don'T Get To Kick Me And Get Away With It! (Photo Via Rex)
You don’t get to kick me and get away with it!
(Photo via Rex)
They Even Ripped Off The Windshield Wipers! (Photo Via Rex)
They even ripped off the windshield wipers!
(Photo via Rex)
Is That Dog On Lookout? (Photo Via Rex)
Is that dog on lookout? (Photo via Rex)

In all, the dogs did hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in damage to the dog-kicker’s car.

We hope he learned a lesson.

Think twice before hurting an animal.

None of the dogs have returned to the scene since destroying the car.

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  1. Ha! Ha! Give those dogs treats

  2. Avatar Of Dirk Rogers Dirk Rogers says:

    Goooooood dogs!

  3. Avatar Of Elke



    How NICE !!!!!! This is Justice !

    • Avatar Of Jimmy



      They should have jumped on top of the car a each dog take piss and poop on the roof. Good jobs pups!

    • Avatar Of Rebecca Rebecca says:

      That is so cool,and by saying that am not even encouraging violence because the doggies only did it to the car which is replaceable and sure if the man was there they would have still only done that,That’s the difference between them and him,Brains,compassion and they deserve respect and so many people need their way of existing and thinking CHANGED !!! LOVE and RESPECT to you doggies

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