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Should You Adopt A Dog?

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The tremendous influx of stray and unwanted dogs at animal shelters has given people many choices when seeking to add a dog to their families. The question you should ask yourself is–should you purchase a puppy from a breeder or should you adopt a dog? I would recommend you visit one or two dog shelters to see the dogs currently there. You will be pleasantly surprised. Occasionally you will find a purebred for a pet, but it may or may not have “papers”.

If you decide to adopt one of these dogs you will receive a wonderful dog and give this lonely canine a loving home he or she will thrive in. The love you shower on a dog will be returned many times over.

Should you adopt a dog?

If this is your first dog there are a few things to think about before answering the question should you adopt a dog? Owning a dog is not cheap. There will be vet visits and vaccinations, quality food to constantly keep on hand, and the time you must commit to spending with your new dog. If this is a spur of the moment idea then you should probably not go through with the adoption, as depending on the age of the adopted dog you are looking at ten to fifteen years this companion will be a part of your life. Really think these questions through before you make the decision.

Ask yourself if the cost of owning a dog is beyond your budget or more than you are willing to take on. Vet visits for regular shots and treatment of possible aliments can run into several hundred dollars. Then there are grooming expenses as well as buying quality food and supplemental daily vitamins. These expenses quickly add up, and can total more than a first time dog owner originally thought.

Do you have the free time when asking yourself should you adopt a dog? All pets require time on the owner’s part for play, obedience training, and exercise. If your job does not allow you to be home on a regular schedule and keeps you busy to the point you only have time for a brief couple hours of relation and then sleep you may not be able to spend the necessary time with your dog he or she requires.

Other things to consider include do you have the room for a dog, are you allowed to keep a dog where you live, what are the laws and requirements for owning a dog where you live, who will take care of the dog when you go away on business or vacation, and if you have children are they prepared for learning how to treat the dog.  Should you adopt a dog? My answer is an emphatic yes, but only if you are prepared for more responsibilities.

How do you feel about adopting dogs? Comments, advice, and tips are welcome below.

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  1. Avatar Of Deborah Milstead

    Deborah Milstead


    Yes, Go on line and type in Pet Finder, type in your zip code. You will be able to view the dogs up for adoption from a reputable RESCUE who has already rescued them from a SHELTER. They will have been taken to the vet, caught up on their shots, tested for Heart-worms, and will be a healthier to adopt. Most RESCUES know their animals so well that they can set you up with the perfect match for your family. I adopted three dogs from SCRATCH RESCUE in Conover, NC. This wonderful lady knows her dogs. Thanks to her, I now have three healthy small breed dogs. I found her on Pet Finder. Good luck and know that adopting a dog for Christmas is not just for the holiday; it’s a life time adoption. That is why contacting a reputable Rescue is so important. SCRATCH RESCUE has a FB page.

  2. Avatar Of Alexis



    I agree. Let’s ship that Mike guy away to the Middle East!!! Why are you reading the Dogington post if you don’t like dogs?

  3. Avatar Of Mike



    No, actually you shouldn’t adopt a dog. Adopt a child instead. Do some kindness. Stray dogs should be shipped to some Arab country like Pakistan or Saudi Arabia where they can join up with their 2 legged brothers

    • Avatar Of L



      Mike, maybe we should just ship you to a foreign country. Me, I’ll own rescueed strays for the rest of my life.

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