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Smart Dog Involved In A Car Accident Runs A Mile To Her Doggy Daycare To Ask For Help

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A clever dog showed off how smart she was, even in a dangerous situation, when she ran a mile to ask for help at her doggy daycare after being in a car accident on February 24, Saturday.

Aries, the smart 3-year-old Pit Bull mix, has always been a smart girl. Her owner, Melissa Fickel, tells WXYZ that she fosters animals and adopted Aries in 2020.

Fickel said that she has always known Aries to be a smart girl because of her personality, but didn’t know that she was THAT smart.

The two would spend every day together, learning tricks and enjoying parks. So, on February 24, at around noon, Fickel and Aries were off to the park.

However, WXYZ reports that Fickel was run into by another car at 14 Mile Road and Rochester Road. Thankfully, no one was injured and both vehicles only had minor damage. But the whole incident spooked Aries enough to run out of the car.

Fickel tells WXYZ, “I had the windows down because Aries likes to hang her head out. As soon as there was that smack, as soon as I felt and heard it, almost instantaneously, she was out the window.”

“I can’t really think about it because so many things could’ve happened,” she added, worrying that her dog might’ve ran into traffic or into unfamiliar neighborhoods.

Unbeknownst to the worried owner, her smart pooch actually ran to the doggy daycare she frequently visits, Hounds Town Metro Detroit, which was about a mile away from the accident!

Hounds Town Metro Detroit owner Travis Ogden recalled the incident saying, “She really started off scared.”

“Soon as I walked up front, saw the dog, I was like that is definitely Aries,” he added.

WXYZ reports that the doggy daycare took in the scared yet clever pooch and provided her with shelter while they called her owner.

“(Travis) called me and said she’s here, and I literally sank to the ground,” Fickel said.

In a surveillance video, you can see Aries run straight to the door of the doggy daycare, jumping up and down, looking like she’s trying to ask for help for her and her hooman.

Ogden calls Aries a “frickin’ smart smart pup” and tells PEOPLE, “She just knew where her safe place was after being so panicked from the car accident. It made my day to see the girl.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Elizabeth M Ciaglo

    Elizabeth M Ciaglo


    Remarkable story, this story will start anyone’s day on the brighter and lighter side of living life. Genuinely,this gifted dog with human like intelligence went to the place where the boundaries of love are unconditional for itself and the other friendly dogs who go there. Thank you, for publishing this story, even when a the day may begin slightly offbeat for some of us an encouraging story like this can help us humans to face our own problems without fear just like Aries. Always, Keep Shining, with the ✨in ️❤️‍

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