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‘Snapchat Dog Slayers’ Face Justice Today in Louisiana

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Two men known as the “Snapchat Dog Slayers” face trial today in Bastrop, Louisiana, for the horrific killing of a dog posted to the social sharing app, Snapchat.

Snapchat Dog Slayers
Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler. Image credit Morehouse Parish Sherriffs Office

In Defense of Animals, the international animal protection organization that runs the Justice for Animals campaign in Mississippi, is calling on prosecutors to ensure that the abusers feel the full force of the law.

In August 2016, a video was posted to Snapchat that shows the men reveling in a particularly sadistic killing of a sweet-natured dog. Today, Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler will face trial for the heinous killing of the dog who has been named “Justice” by advocates who mourned her death.

“The vile nature of this crime will stick in the minds of animal advocates and until Sadler and Stanley pay for their crime, and even then, this senseless crime of bloodlust will not be forgotten,” said Doll Stanley, who spearheads In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals campaign. “This macabre crime warrants maximum sentencing and many advocates feel that won’t be enough. Both individuals seriously need psychiatric guidance.”

On, or about August 25, 2016, Stephen Sadler and Boots Stanley, both of Arkansas, played a twisted and ultimately lethal game with a gentle pit bull dog. The vile crime took place at a “kill barn” where horses are sold for slaughter in Mexico, a practice that has been banned in the U.S.

Snapchat Dog Slayers
Image credit Hanna Gospin/Facebook

First, Steven Sadler put a rope around the dog’s neck, placed the dog on the back of a horse he rode over piled timbers in what apparently to see if he couldn’t cause the dog to fall and hang. The dog held fast, so next Sadler pet the dog while saying how gentle the dog was, then turned to straddle the dog, and held the dog’s collar and nose, pulled out his knife and began raking it across his victim’s throat. When the knife didn’t cut in, Boots Stanley heartlessly told Sadler to cut deeply. Justice’s lifeblood began to spurt out of her throat and she bled to death, all for a morbid kill game. Justice never resisted Sadler until her blood began to flow.

The men filmed and then posted their macabre dog-slaying game on Snapchat where Hanna Gospin intercepted it and bravely posted the video, which led to the culprits’ arrest.

The horrific video can be found by clicking here. WARNING: The video is graphic and disturbing.

Sadler and Stanley were arrested by authorities on August 25 with the cooperation of the Ashley County Sheriff’s Department, Morehouse Parish Sheriff’s Department and the Hamburg Police Department. The pair was charged with Class B Felony, a count for aggravated cruelty to an animal and a count for conspiracy to commit a crime.

In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Campaign, based in Mississippi, is working tirelessly to advance the cause of justice and show state legislators that citizens are uniting against senseless and horrific animal abuse. Louisiana, Arkansas, and surrounding states have a first offense felony statute for aggravated cruelty, a crime which in Mississippi is a mere misdemeanor for a first offense.

The Justice for Animals Campaign aligns with judges, prosecuting attorneys, law enforcement officials, legislators, animal advocates and concerned citizens to pass meaningful regional ordinances that will protect animals when state statutes fail. In Defense of Animals has served in the Mid-South for 24 years, aiding victims and law enforcement with hundreds of cruelty reports.

For more information, please visit www.idausa.org

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  1. Avatar Of J



    Figures…Louisianna…Lets hope the law makes a good name for themselves out of this one….Poor families involved….They need to clean dog kennels for years…

  2. Avatar Of Francis



    I thought animal cruelty is now a felony in all fifty states. Were they charged accordingly?

  3. Avatar Of Sharon Clarke

    Sharon Clarke


    Hope the justice system deals with the barbaric acts of these "men" harshly. One thing about social media; be careful what you post! Your names and faces are out there for eternity. You may have children one day that will see this. Justice.

  4. Avatar Of Michelle



    dear GOD! I hope the judge in this case is an animal lover who gives them the harshest sentences possible! that poor dog! AND I hope that they are in prison with other animal lovers who will make CERTAIN that justice for this dog is served DAILY!

  5. Avatar Of Marianne Perret

    Marianne Perret


    Just draw and quarter these two pukes.

  6. Avatar Of Carol Boyajian

    carol boyajian


    these two need to be jailed, we must stop this cruelty with harsh jail sentences an fines, very sad for the poor animal.

  7. Avatar Of Ruthann Alberts

    Ruthann Alberts


    kill the mother fucker by doing the same thing they need to know what its like

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