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Snooki’s Pup with her Baby Bump

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American reality television personality, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is making headlines with the announcement of the Jersey Shore premiere date on MTV, her spin-off reality show with co-star JWoww, and news of her pregnancy.

Snooki And Gia
Snooki with her Pomeranian pup Gia. Photo credit: Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

In the fall of 2010, Snooki bought a Pomeranian puppy from a New York City pet store. Miss Polizzi named her little dog “Gia” and immediately began posting photos of her furry friend to Facebook and Twitter. In one of her tweets about the puppy, she star tweeted, “”So I’m in a meeting with Gia in her cute pink sweater and she decides to throw up all over my pants. God I love this dog.”

Last month, on July 12, Snooki tweeted a photo of her tiny pup Gia perched on top of her pregnant belly. It seems the reality star is already getting her furry “daughter” acquainted with her future son!

We hope Snooki has made preparations for her pup, as adding a new baby to the family can stress a dog out. For anyone expecting a new child, check out our article, Bringing a New Baby Into Your Dog’s Home, for advice on how to help your fur-baby adjust to the new baby you’re bringing home.

Babies and dogs can develop amazing bonds if given the opportunity. We hope Snooki’s little boy and her Pomeranian Gia will be the best of friends!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Stacey Dieck

    Stacey Dieck


    Snooki is the most ignorant person I’ve ever read about! Her little dog is cute, but you don’t buy puppies from the pet store! They are most likely Puppy mill puppies! She needs to read up on the conditions in which the dogs are kept. Then I would hope to god she is humane enough to realize NOT to support these inhumane acts of cruelty to animals. This photo of her makes me physically ill.

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