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Social Media Leads to Animal Cruelty Arrest of Teen Boy

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Thanks To Animal Advocates And Social Media, This Puppy Is Safe And A 13-Year Old Boy Arrested For Animal Cruelty. Photo Credit Alexandria Police Department.
Thanks to animal advocates and social media, this puppy is safe and a 13-year old boy arrested for animal cruelty. Photo credit Alexandria Police Department.

A 13-year old Alexandria, Louisiana boy was charged with one count of animal cruelty after a video of the teen hitting a young puppy was posted to social media and quickly became viral.

According to a KALB News Channel 5 report,

…the Alexandria Police Department received several complaints that there was a video of a male abusing a small puppy circulating on social media. The report and the video indicated that the abuse occurred in the Alexandria area.

The video (NOT shown below) showed the young boy smacking the puppy across the face with such force that the dog spun around.

The Alexandria Police Department was inundated with calls and emails from concerned citizens around the globe. So many, in fact, that their dispatch system was congested with between 350 and 500 calls every half hour. In addition to filing complaints, urging police to take action, and inquiring about the dog’s safety, several callers were offering to provide a loving home to the abused puppy.

As a result, police investigated the complaints and located the boy in the video, charged him with animal abuse and removed the puppy from the home.

The puppy was seen by a veterinarian and is doing fine, but will remain in safe shelter until the courts determine what will be done with him.

Meanwhile, the Alexandria Police Department is reminding citizens that social media is not always the best method for reporting criminal activity.

As far as we’re concerned, ANY efforts to report animal abuse, whether via social media or not, that result in an arrest and rescue are suitable.

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  4. i would let that boy say in jail a lng time what ah were was his floks are they ahs to

  5. Avatar Of Debra Evans Debra Evans says:

    what about the person who filmed it and was laughing????

  6. Avatar Of Lisa



    They need to look into it further, something like this normally stems from abuse in some form or another.

  7. Avatar Of Joey Cassano Joey Cassano says:

    I love animals! So glad the puppy will find a good home!!! He is lucky I wasn’t walking by and saw him doing it. I would took that puppy right away myself!!!

  8. Avatar Of Penny Leboeuf

    Penny Leboeuf


    I am glad this boy got arrested, and YES, media is also a good way to find these scum bags.

  9. Avatar Of Tara Gabe

    Tara Gabe


    Sometimes this kind of behavior leads to criminal behavior later in life. Lets hope this young man gets the help he needs to lead a happy and safe life for everyone.

  10. Avatar Of Christine Livingston

    Christine Livingston


    Anyone who abuses an animal should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    And his parents should have done a better job of parenting if they don’t understand this.

  11. Avatar Of Kim Campbell

    Kim Campbell


    I wonder if he learned to hit, because he was hit in his home? Sadly it seems that violence begets violence. I am glad that people reported it, and the puppy is now safe, hopefully it is early enough in the boy’s life to deal with his anger issues. As for the police saying social media isn’t the best way, well it is the best way to be sure it isn’t swept under the carpet and ignored sadly.

  12. Avatar Of Marlene Hager

    Marlene Hager


    It breaks my heart when an animal is abused. There are people that kill people, but they started with animals first. This boy should be evaluated, because when he’s an adult he’ll probably be very dangerous. He’s starting down the path of destruction. I hope the puppy gets a very loving home. I wish him only the best.

  13. Avatar Of Shari



    Good glad they got the Kid and the puppy away from him asap!

  14. Avatar Of Holly Von Hessler

    Holly Von Hessler


    I am so pleased that the teenager got arrested for hurting a harmless puppy
    How could any body do that to any animal it breaks my heart I want to congratulate
    The people that rang the police and got the boy arrested its sad to see a young
    Chap do that but I’m glad that people done something about it well done to all the
    People that rang police

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