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Spanish Beach Resort Employs First Canine Lifeguard

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David Alvarez And Bruno Are An Exceptional Lifeguard Team. Image Via Europics.
David Alvarez and Bruno are an exceptional lifeguard team. Image via Europics.

A beachfront tourist resort in Spain has become the first in the country with a canine lifeguard on duty!

When human lifeguard David Alvarez purchased a 2-month old Newfoundland named Bruno, his only plan was to have a new best friend and companion. That was until David brought his dog to the beach and realized what an amazing swimmer he was.

Newfoundlands, with their thick double-coats and webbed feet are natural swimmers, and Bruno was no exception. But swimming isn’t his only skill, Bruno’s massive size, strength, and stamina make him perfect for pulling swimmers to safety.

Alvarez has since been testing Bruno’s abilities on the job in the coastal town of San Pedro del Pinatar. Bruno has shown that he can easily swim up to three miles before getting tired and needing a rest and can pull more than 1.5 tons of weight from out at sea to shore with ease.

‘If I rush out to rescue someone and there is a second person with them, then Bruno can carry one of them and pull them to shore. Or if I get tired, he can pull us both or we take turns at pulling the other person,’ Mr Alvarez explained.

With his employers’ blessing, Alvarez and Bruno now monitor the beaches of San Pedro del Pinatar together. In fact, having Bruno on board has been so successful for both beach-goers and the resort that they’re now looking to add to their four-legged safety team!

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