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Special Report: Not ALL Chicken Bones are Bad for Dogs!

Dogs and bones. They go together like… well, like dogs and bones! An iconic symbol of chewy fun and nutrition for our pets, bones can actually be quite dangerous for dogs. Especially cooked poultry bones. These bones, once cooked, become brittle and can splinter, damaging your dogs delicate insides or puncturing his stomach. As dog owners, we’ve all been warned again and again – Don’t feed your dog cooked chicken bones.

Until now.

Certain recipes of Merrick Pet Care's wet dog foods contain whole cooked chicken bones that are nutritious, delicious, and 100% safe for your dog to enjoy!

For the first time ever, we’re encouraging dog owners to let their pets indulge in the calcium-rich, decadent taste of cooked chicken bones.

But, not just any old cooked chicken bones. (Don’t start tossing your uneaten wings to your begging buddy just yet!) We’re talking about Merrick Pet Care’s specially cooked, 100% safe, drool-worthy, premium quality canned dog food recipes that contain whole chicken wings or thighs – including the bones!

Intrigued by Merrick’s chicken bone-included recipes, we went looking for answers. Merrick told us,

Merrick currently offers three canned wet recipes that contain cooked chicken bones: Smothered ComfortWingaling and Gameday Tailgate. The Smothered Comfort and Winglang recipes have been on the market since October 2004 and are perennial top-sellers. Gameday Tailgate is one of several seasonal recipes that Merrick offers every fall.
Some first-time buyers are surprised to find full chicken thighs and wings upon opening the can. Merrick pressure cooks the wings and thighs inside the can at high temperatures, rendering the bones soft and safe for consumption. In fact, the bones are an excellent source of nutrients like calcium and provide a natural, full flavor that dogs find irresistible.
What’s more, Merrick labels each bones-included can with a note from the chef that reads, “Merrick’s slow cooked whole chicken wings/thighs offer marinated tender chicken cooked on a softened bone. This special cooking process makes the bone mushy and safe for your dog to enjoy. Feel free to serve whole or to break apart the chicken and soft bones for ease of pet consumption.

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