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Steve Reid: Solving Common Behavioral Problems in Dogs

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In this installment of our training series, Steve Reid, owner of S.R. Dog Training LLC discusses common behavioral problems with the family dog and the shelter dog.

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  1. […] Steve Reid is a Certified Dog Trainer and owner of S.R. Dog Training, LLC based in Westchester, NY.  Steve’s mission is “Changing the World for Dogs”. As part of his mission, Steve presented a webinar to readers of The Dogington Post on Addressing Common Behavior Problems in the Family Dog and the Shelter Dog. Steve’s informative webinar can be viewed by clicking here. […]

  2. Avatar Of Kaiya Sieber

    Kaiya Sieber


    I have an english bulldog about a year and a half old now, named Lucy. I got her from a breeder that originally gave her to another owner. A man. Since I’ve had her she has always been very skiddish. With noises and specially men. She is very skittish around them. At first it was just running away, then it turned to growling and barking at them, and now it was transitioned to lunging at them! She is still skittish around them even though she puts up this front that’s all tough. If any of them try to approach her she just runs away. None of the men have taken offense to her lunging or growling so they get down and try to pet her and she runs away. Is this her way of being protective? It’s only gotten worse and I don’t know why. After she’s around a guy for so long and warms up to them and is a total love bug. She’s never bitten or been aggressive with anyone, like I said she’ll just run away. She’s all talk!

    I just wish there were ways to get her to stop. I try to do positive reinforcement. Give her treats and extra love when she gets close enough to guy but nothing helps. I can’t believe it has spiraled to her actually lunging at someone!

    Any tips?

  3. Avatar Of Carrie Jones carrie jones says:

    great advice. right to my problem which it states is common. I have a chi-dachshund mix. after her first shot at the vet where he hit a nerve or something, my Moxie has been terrified of rides in car, vet office , and people. vet says there is nothing I can do. she has nipped the fingers of guests who reach out to her or have their hands down. she is loving with us and doesn’t bother anyone if they leave her alone. am worried that a child will get bitten. she has also been having seizures after that shot which may or may not be related.seizes every three weeks or so. have a muzzle for her. I think the fears can be helped. she is also a nervous barker. she is three years old. this behavior has been happening since she was 4 months old. can you help

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