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Stolen Dog Being Held for $2,000 Ransom

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Chris Noland hasn’t snuggled or played with his beloved dog, Beautiful, in more than a month. He’s only seen her through pictures that the people who stole her have texted to him, along with demands for $2,000 to get her back.

In July, Noland let Beautiful, a black Staffordshire terrier mix, outside to go to the bathroom, just as he did every night. Only this time, she didn’t come back. Someone snatched her from her own backyard and is now demanding a ransom for her safe return.

“You know, I can just tell by looking at her that she’s nervous and stressed,” Noland told ABC15 as he stared at the photo on his phone.

The dognappers somehow got Noland’s cell phone number, either from Beautiful’s collar or because the thief is someone he personally knows.


“I started receiving these text messages with like spoof numbers that hide your number,” Noland explained. “The people texting said they weren’t going to give the dog back.”

Noland contacted police, but without any solid leads or a real phone number, they’re unable to do anything. So, Noland is trying a different approach. He created a Facebook page for his stolen dog, in the hopes that someone will see her and help her come home. Noland says he’s not looking to press any charges or get anyone in trouble, he simply wants his dog back home where she belongs.

Beautiful is a female Staffordshire terrier mix, she is black with white feet and white undermarkings on her chest. She is very friendly, loves to give kisses and play fetch, and barks when she’s excited. She was last seen at the Walmart on 19th Avenue and Bell Road in Phoenix, Arizona, on July 18-19th. Anyone with information about her whereabouts or her dognappers is urged to contact Chris Noland at 310-686-4031.

Please be aware that dognapping is not an uncommon practice, with some estimating upwards of 5,000 dog thefts every day. In addition to microchipping, dogs should not be left unattended outside of the home.

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  1. Avatar Of Belinda



    Hello my daughter is in the same situation, she is being held for Ransome also, my daughter is depressed, can't eat, can't sleep! She knows where they live they text her for the ransom and just keep raising it. She offered them 250. Then they said it wasn't enough and now it's 1000. Shes not able to have children so this WAS like her baby!She's contacted the SAPD and nothing has been done, she even told them her dog had a chip and gave them the address where he's at!It's been a week and nothing! Desperate in San Antonio! Please help, advice anything!

  2. Avatar Of Mel Mel says:

    A Valley man was reunited with his beloved dog on Tuesday morning after she was taken and held for ransom for more than a month.
    Thanks to ABC 15 viewers, police were able to locate the dog and bring him home.

    Someone reportedly recognized the dog and alerted authorities and ABC15 about her potential whereabouts. As it turns out, the suspicions were correct and the dog was given back to her rightful owners.

  3. Avatar Of Maureen Munn Maureen munn says:

    I hope its true & she us home ? We never leave our family dogs alone in the yard/garden for this very reason !

  4. Avatar Of Barbara Smith

    Barbara Smith


    She is home now according to her facebbook page (thank goodness)

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