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Stolen Dogs Reunited With Family After 4 Years

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In September 2008, the Long family’s 2 Siberian Huskies, China and Asia, were stolen from their backyard. Devastated, Twyla Long reported the dogs missing and prayed that their microchips would eventually lead to their safe return.

The first of the Long’s pets, China, was returned home 2 years later, in 2010. She was found nearly 2 hours away in Saganaw, Texas. As ecstatic as they were for the safe return of China, the family never gave up hope that Asia, too, would find her way back to her family.

On Sunday night, their prayers were answered. Some 825 miles away from their Texas home, a now 5-year old Husky was found wandering along a highway near the airport in Chicago, Illinois. Thanks to the family’s preparedness in microchipping their pets, Asia was returned to her rightful family 4 years after being abducted.

Twyla Long told ABC News, “She came in our house last night and she went right to the back door like she knew the back door was there.”

Upon their reunions, both dogs jumped right back into their routines, as if they had never left.

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  1. Avatar Of Peggy Ellison

    Peggy Ellison


    I am so happy to hear that you were reunited with your pets after all this time.
    The only way to protect your pets besides the chip and collar tags is to never let them out of your sight. We do not let our pets out without us or on a leash. The yard is a predator’s dream—so easy to get them in that situation,and there are predators out there looking for unattended pets. You were very lucky.

  2. Avatar Of Kerahdah



    I hope the thieves are charged. They should not be allowed to get off scott-free!

  3. Avatar Of Diana




  4. Avatar Of Donna Cox Donna Cox says:

    Dogs are like our kids ,it would be like having a child kidnapped .I’m so glad you have them back home where they belong ,and hope they are ok after their experience .God was looking out for them and with you too .Your family is back together again ,how wonderful.

  5. Avatar Of Susan



    Finally, some uplifting news….. I own three huskies,and that is my greatest fear that someone steals them, or they get lost..

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