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Stop the Jumping Up On People

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Does your precious pooch like to jump up on people as his way of greeting them? While this behavior does not bother many dog lovers it is not a behavior we should teach or encourage. The following tips to stop a dog jumping up are effective and not difficult to teach any puppy or adult dog.

There are good reasons for breaking a dog of the jumping up on people unless the dog is given the command to do so. Suppose an elderly member of the family is visiting and they use a walker. Would you want your dog greeting them by leaping up and possibly knocking the person to the ground? Or how about the young children who are knocked down? These are very unsafe situations that the prudent dog owner needs to ensure do not happen.

We all want our dogs to be very friendly and behave with good social manners, but they do not instinctively know these behaviors, so these tips to stop a dog jumping up and causing an accident will work.

When you bring a puppy home, begin to establish rules the pup must learn and follow. The puppy will grow into an adult dog before you know it, and untrained dogs have a way of taking over the control of a home if not taught otherwise. They must first come to understand YOU are the ALPHA member of his new family and he obeys your commands. With a puppy use the simple “sit” command when the pup jumps up with his front legs or tries to hop in your lap. Be firm and consistent, and always ensure every member of the family knows the command word. Do not allow the pup to get away with jumping on one member while the other people and children in the family follow the training. This only confuses the pup, so everyone has to be on the same page for this to work.

When it becomes obvious the pup understands his “sit” command these tips to stop a dog jumping up moves to the next level. The puppy is still a rambunctious bundle of energy and will continue to try jumping to see if he can get away with this behavior. You can easily stop this by simply turning away from the pup and not looking at him. What he wants is your attention and approval so deny him this and he will soon associate the jumping with your not being pleased.

Give these simple and effective tips to stop a dog jumping up a try and never worry about an unfortunate accident happening.

This technique works well, but there are other training techniques that work also. If you have stopped your pup from jumping using another training method, please share your thoughts below.

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  1. Avatar Of Judy



    I tried this technique but I couldn’t get the family or friends to cooperate with the training. Now my dog is grown and jumps up on them and all they do is complain. How do you train family and friends? Thanks for the article.

    • Avatar Of Christine



      I am in the same exact situation. As a puppy I did most of the training the rest of the family encouraged her to greet them by jumping on them and now my dog is now 16 months and I’ve been able to modify everything adverse that she does except for the jumping. Strangers and the neighbors don’t find it cute. When you find an answer please let me know.

      • Avatar Of Brenda



        My 6 year old Yorkie still does same thing, I tried everything possible, She’s not listening, I try talking which leads me to raising my voice only because She’ll keep jumping on company with Her favorite toy wanting them to play fetch non stop, maybe I’ll have to take Her ball, which will hurt her n Mommy too, I don’t know what else that’ll work! I thought we were going to get answers here? I don’t see any but sure wish there were, I need help with Her, My Sweet baby Girl 🙁

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