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Stop Your Dog’s Digging Up the Yard

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Are you the proud owner of a dog that digs up your yard like he is operating a backhoe? Here are a few reasons why the dog is digging, and how to stop your dog’s digging holes all over the yard.

All dogs dig holes, while some breeds are more prone to do so. These breeds are usually the smaller dog breeds bred to hunt small game, and dig the prey out of denning holes. If you own one of these breeds, then the path to stop your dog’s digging all over the place will be a more difficult challenge.

It is important to remember a dog will dig holes for a variety of reasons. Maybe he or she is bored and digs to relive the boredom. Other causes are because the dog smells mice and other rodents in the ground, and tries to dig them out. Also a dog may dig a hole to provide a cool place to lay when the weather is hot and little shade is available, and then there are the dogs who like to dig their way under fences to free themselves from being contained.

Forget about attempting punishment for this digging because it is a normal instinct for all canines. Punishment is not the answer to correcting this behavior.

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