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Stopping a Dog From Going Potty in the House

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No one likes to wake up to dog urine or feces in their home. This is not only disgusting; it is a very unhealthy environment for your family members, especially if you have toddlers crawling around on the carpets. Sadly, many dog owners never seem to housebreak their puppies or dogs, when doing so is not very hard at all. Below is the best method for putting an end to your puppy or dog from going potty in the house.

To train a dog from going potty in the house you are much further ahead of the game if you begin as soon as you bring the pup home. Have one room already chosen as the spot where the pup is going to stay. Preferably this is a room of small size and empty of carpet or furnishings. Place the pup’s bed in one corner and in the other corners place puppy pee pad for the pup to do his business on. Newspapers also will work. This will begin to condition the pup to only seek out this area for going to the potty.

After the pup has reached the age of five to six months it is now time to move them into a training crate. Give the pup time to become familiar with his new home. Place his bed, favorite blankets and toys in the crate and leave the door open as he begins to go in and out. After a day or two you can lead the pup to the crate for his first night inside with the door closed and latched. He may whine or fuss a bit, but this will soon pass as he adjusts to his new home.

A pup or young adult dog can hold the urge to go potty roughly the same number of hours compared to how old they are in months so adjust your training schedule to this. He or she will do their best not to soil their crate because, as denning animals, a dog does not want to urinate or defecate where they sleep. Use this to your advantage when crate training the pup/dog.

One last tip: always remove the dog or puppy’s collar when he goes in the crate to sleep or while you are way from home. There are cases where dog have hung themselves accidentally by the collar while in crates and we never want this to happen.

Try these simple methods to quickly train a dog from going potty in the house. They do work and everyone will be happier when Rover is not dumping a load on the floor!

How do you house train your dog? Please leave tips and comments below.

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