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Stray Dog Joins Street Performer for a Duet – Gets a New Home!

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Ukranian street performer, Sergei Ivanovich learned how to get lots of attention from passersby – duet with a dog!

Ivanovich, who plays his clarinet regularly in Dnipropetrovsk’s European Square, says he set up his folding chair and sat down to play when a stray dog walked over, sat down beside him, and began singing along!

Spectators begged Ivanovich to take the homeless dog home,  and the pair have been performing together ever since! Although, Ivanovich says at home, his duet partner is just a regular watchdog.

Check out the talented duet in the video below!

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  1. Avatar Of Licureaund35 Licureaund35 says:

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  2. Avatar Of Enzo Poblacion

    Enzo poblacion


    It is amazing..its good to see that you love the dog as the way you love music…keep it up…

  3. Avatar Of Ernest Jones

    ernest jones


    This looks totally staged to me, are the people standing in line to give money ? Also think the sound hurts the dog’s ears !

  4. Avatar Of Laura Laura says:

    Happy story! Beautiful dog <3 Dogs are very musical, especially husky types. They sing naturally, like their wolf ancestors.

  5. Avatar Of Mary Gomez

    Mary Gomez


    Truly man’s best friend, whether in work, play or just being, we are connected. Love to see the interaction.

  6. Oh, i love this. What a sweet little dog. They are great together as a duo. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Avatar Of Maura S

    Maura S


    How sweet is this?

  8. Avatar Of Marie



    Cute, but that’s a soprano saxophone, not a clarinet!

  9. Avatar Of Monika



    This is so awesome! It’s obvious that this dog and owner were meant to be together, it’s such a cool story that they found each other through music!

  10. Avatar Of Sandra Sellar

    Sandra Sellar


    I’m so glad the dog got a home!

  11. Avatar Of Jean Rodenbough

    Jean Rodenbough


    Dogs are companions and please us when we let them. This dog (don’t know its name) has talent! Our Katie (beagle/jackrussell) sings when I play my recorder or harmonica, or when she hears music she likes. Wish we could know what they are thinking and why they join us in music . . .

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