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Summertime Safety for Dogs

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Warm weather months are the perfect time to include your dog in your family fun plans. However, with the rising temperatures of summer, dogs can easily get overheated; thus, causing them to become sick and dehydrated. It’s important that you not only keep them away from certain foods and hazardous chemicals but also keep them safe during the hot weather of the season.

Safety Tips and Guidelines:

  1. Do not leave your dog in the car. Because temperatures in cars can quickly rise, make sure that you take your pooch with you when you get out. If you absolutely must leave him inside, let the car windows down. This way, you keep him safe by allowing the air to circulate properly inside. Even with the windows down and air circulating, your dog will need access to fresh, cool water after more than a few minutes.
  2. Provide your dog plenty of shade. Whether you are at the park or at the beach, make certain that your pooch has easy access to ample shady spots all the time. Let him stay out of the harsh rays of the sun as it could get him sunburned just like humans.
  3. Bring extra water. To keep your pet well-hydrated while you are all away from home, do not forget to carry a bowl of sufficient water all the time. If possible, bring twice the volume of water that you believe your pooch may need so that you can make sure that he has constant access to fresh drinking water to cool off.
  4. Limit his time spent on asphalt or hot concrete. Because asphalt as well as hot concrete can readily burn your dog’s paws, do not let him stay on these surfaces for too long. Allow him to spend more time on grass or cool sand. Check your pet’s paws for cuts, discoloration or bruises.
  5. Groom your dog. Keep your dog’s fur and nails well-trimmed during summertime. Too much fur can make your pooch to overheat easily, while long nails can easily get torn; thus, infected.
  6. Watch out for heat stress signs. If your dog seems to have difficulty breathing or if you see him panting excessively with increased heart as well as respiratory rates, drooling, stupor, mild weakness, or even collapse, immediately cool him off by bringing him to a shade, grabbing some cold water, and then applying cool, wet towels. Talk to your vet for additional ways of dealing with an overheated dog.
  7. Get rid of fertilizers. We all spend a little more time outside in the summer. Because some fertilizers and many other lawn care products can cause allergic reactions in animals, speak to your vet beforehand about the types of products that are best to use. Keep chemical containers off the ground so you can prevent your pet from ingesting them accidentally.
  8. Provide flea & tick prevention. Fleas, ticks, and other insects or parasites that flourish during the warm summer months can make your pooch sick. Keep him away from insect bites by securing vet-recommended regimens which may be in the form of drops, chews, or special shampoo. This way, you can ensure that your pet remains safe no matter what insects stick around during summer.

Most of all, have fun! Your dog loves nothing more than the love and attention you provide him.

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