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Surveillance Video Captures Dognapper Stealing Dog from Backyard

St. Louis Police and a devastated dog owner are hoping surveillance video footage can help catch the dognapper that entered her backyard and walked away with her beloved dog.


Surveillance cameras were rolling when this woman stole a poodle from a home in the 4100 block of Minnesota in South City, Credit: KMOV

Dog owner Maria Morgan is hoping surveillance video footage will help identify the woman who stole her dog from the backyard of her St. Louis home.

Surveillance video shows the dognapper entering the backyard through a gate from the alley behind her home. The woman can be seen pulling a dog leash from beneath her shirt, clipping it to the dog, and then walking the dog out the gate and down the alley.

She spent about 8 minutes in Morgan’s backyard before disappearing with Princess, a 6-year old Poodle mix.

Several days later, Morgan’s daughter saw the dognapper and Princess together in a nearby alley, but after chasing her, was unable to catch up.

Police described the dognapper as a woman 20-30 years old with a stocky build, long hair and a light complexion. At the time of the theft, she was wearing a brace on her left forearm.

Anyone with information about the dognapper or Princess’ whereabouts is urged to contact St. Louis Police.


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