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Dog Abuse

Suspected Dog-Fighting Breeder Tortured by Masked Men

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A 52-year old Detroit man and suspected dog fighter was reportedly outside feeding his dogs when he was confronted by three armed men wearing masks to conceal their identities. The masked men forced him into his home where they tied him up before brutally beating and torturing him before cutting off his ear and driving away in his van.

“They tied him up; they beat him up pretty bad. Broke ribs, broke fingers, stabbed him with ice picks, cut an ear off. It’s just messed up,” the victim’s cousin Marty Johnson said.

Police believe the man was targeted because of his Pit Bull breeding operation which may be tied to dog fighting.

When police arrived at the man’s Detroit property, they found at least 16 Pit Bulls tied up outside, emaciated and living in filth in the backyard, and at least a dozen more in the same poor condition in the home’s basement.

A second property owned by the man was also housing dozens of unhealthy dogs.

Animal Control was called to the properties to remove the dogs, but family members insist the man was not involved in dog fighting, that he only breeds the dogs to sell them.

“No, he don’t fight dogs. He breed dogs. No, he don’t fight dogs,” the victim’s brother explained. “He has a lot of dogs; it’s been like that since we was kids.”

The man is now recovering at the hospital. He is facing misdemeanor animal cruelty charges for the condition in which his dogs were found.

The men who tortured him have not yet been found and no arrests have been made.

Do you think this man got what he deserved?

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  1. Avatar Of Donteventhinkit



    Paybacks a…bitch.

  2. Avatar Of Jennifer



    What a worthless waste of space. It’s unbelievable that his family thinks this is defensible. ‘He don’t fight dogs’, as if breeding them is a responsible thing to do. Or worse, breeding them in these conditions.is OK. If you have to explain to these idiots in Darwin’s “waiting room” WHY abusing animals is morally wrong, should they be allowed to walk, work, pro create amongst the rest of us? Regardless of the reasons why these guys tortured him, it sure does feel like some sort of justice was levied. Too bad his dumb ass (& his dumb ass family) won’t learn a thing.

  3. Avatar Of Dm Dm says:

    I wish the masked men had done worse things to this horrible excuse for a human being. The dogs should never be returned to their torturer since they can’t speak up for themselves. Of course the tortuter’s family made excuses for him since they probably made money from the dog fighting and are probably just as guilty. But since the abused animals can’t talk no one will be punished. The abuser and brother should be prohibited by the court from owning ANY animals for the rest of their lives. And the abuser should be forced to hep p for veterinarian and rehabilitation bills for all the animals.

  4. Avatar Of Dan



    Finally one of these ***hole gang banging pricks who is involved in dog fighting got what they deserved. These three men should be given a job by the city to go around and get more of these people. This article made my morning great.

  5. Avatar Of Micki



    This guy deserved to feel what all these dozens of beaten and starving fight dogs felt but I don’t think this way was the best they should have told the authorities and maybe they could have busted him during a fight where he’d have to serve me time! One thing though he’ll never forget this beating and the dogs were saved!

  6. Avatar Of Maria



    Good! He deserves what he got! And I hope all those dogs have been saved and good living g homes found.

  7. Avatar Of J Mullaney

    j mullaney


    YAY! anyone that treats animals so horribly should be tied up and tortured!!

  8. Avatar Of Hilda Golde

    Hilda Golde


    If he was fighting dogs he got what he deserved! If he was breeding to sell he got what he deserved..So many pit bulls being born just to be homeless n destroyed…tell the dumb ass to go to work if he wants money!!

  9. Avatar Of Esme Esme says:

    Well couldn’t have happened because of the dogs cause then they wouldn’t have left the dogs there….Good that they tortured him but bad leaving the digs in the same condition and circumstances

  10. Avatar Of Leli



    I’m not a confrontational nor do I condone violence. However, when I read this piece I couldn’t help but to say ” BRAVO!!!!” Standing ovation for these masked men. It’s about time someone stood up for these defenseless animals.

  11. Avatar Of Carol



    Sounds like maybe justice was served . The dogs should have been taken by authorities. I wouldn’t take the family’s word that he wasn’t breeding for fighting

    • All of the dogs were taken from both properties by Animal Control. They will like remain in holding until an investigation is completed, then it will be determined if they’re made available for adoption or if they’ll be returned to the owner.

  12. Avatar Of Jlc



    Good I hope they never get caught. I wish they would have done more to him.

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