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Take Charge Of Large Breeds

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If you are the proud owner of one of the many large dog breeds I commend you for owning one of these magnificent and powerful canines. Along with the pride of ownership comes greater responsibility on the part of the dog’s owner. Why you ask? Because these canines are not a typical dog like most people own. They are very strong, can be very temperamental, can be extremely stubborn, and without solid behavior training can also be a dangerous animal. Lifelong dog owners who have never owned one of these giant dogs often hesitate when in the presence of a Great Dane, St. Bernard or Mastiff to name but a few of the very large breeds.

My daughter owns a Mastiff, and while I have owned dogs all my life I am still somewhat wary when around him. He is actually a very friendly and playful dog. I was amazed the first time I went to visit her and this huge canine comes running up with a small boulder in his mouth. He dropped it at my feet, then sat down and looked at me. I ask my daughter what the dog was doing toting around huge rocks. She laughed and informed me he prefers chasing after a large rock than any dog toys! So I heaved the rock and he happily retrieved it beginning fifteen minutes of toss and retrieve. This eventually ended because my arm grew tired! He is a big baby if the truth be told, and he plays well with other dogs.

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  1. Avatar Of Shelly Shelly says:

    We had a Rottweiler, and he was one of the sweetest dogs that you would have ever met. We had zero issues with him being aggressive, and he was great around the kids. It’s so sad that large dogs have such an awful stigma- hopefully that starts to change soon.

  2. Avatar Of Ruth



    Ive had 2 danes.They were by far the sweetest most loving,mushiest couch potatos Ive had.my kids were their bros and sisters and would never hurt any of the many children that came to play.If you dont have the time or money to train,walk and play please dont buy one.they get very depressed when their familys arent home with them and show them alot of affection.I have a sweet little mix I rescued an d I love her with all my heart but my boys are alwways in my heart as well

  3. Avatar Of Louise



    I understand the need to educate people about large breed dogs. I would also encourage your writers to consider writing about smaller breeds and potential of harming others. I have known many large breed dogs and owners as well as smaller breeds. I believe the potential of any breed harming people and children is always there. Throughout my life, I have observed more smaller breeds than large breeds to engage in aggression, especially children. I understand that large dogs have the potential to do more harm due to their size and strength, however, we all need to educate others about all dog breeds in general, not just single out specific breeds.

  4. Avatar Of Danielle Marrie Dickerson

    Danielle Marrie Dickerson


    We have 3 English matiffs n 1 great dane. My husband is 6’11’. Why this is important? These pups make him feel normal. I am 5’3″ n was very hesitant.I thought I would not be able to deal with them, one yet alone 3 n now 4. Our kids, 8 of them are having a great childhood growing up w these guys. The dogs are all so loving and patient. They are protective but not in an overbearing way. They will stand between the kids n the “stranger”. Chaos, Karma, & Ditto are our slobber bobbers, mastiffs. Now they are nearly 2. We got them when they were 7 days old.bottle fed and trained ourselves. Persephonie is our Dane. She was adopted at 13 months now 26 months . She is the little man of the family and definitely the most hyper. Karma is mom, always watching n protecting. Chaos is the 230lb lap dog lazy and loving. Ditto is the antagonist. 4 big pups I thought it would be a horrid decision but now they have their places I’m the family just like each of our kids

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