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Basic Training

Teaching a Puppy Your Language

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People the world over bring new puppies home every day, and what is the first thing we all begin teaching out puppy? You might think it is housebreaking, and while yes, most likely this is our first behavioral training with the new pup, how do we communicate with the pup? In our native language of course! Be it Spanish, German, English, Russian, Chinese, or one of many other languages, this is how our new pup learns the command terms and language we speak. As English is a universally spoken language we will focus on English for this article, but the same principles apply for any native tongue when teaching a puppy your language.

When teaching a puppy your language we have a big advantage because the pup is essentially a clean slate. He or she is not born knowing a human language, so this helps speed the process along. All puppies are eager to please their new owners, and we use our language to indicate to the pup he or she is doing something that pleases us or is exhibiting a behavior we are not happy with.

Our first tip is to stay consistent with any command terms such as sit, come, no, good boy, etc. Changing these command words as the pup is learning what we expect is only going to confuse the little guy, and slow down his learning process.

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  1. Avatar Of Dog Liker Dog Liker says:

    Yes dog training is the best way to keep in touch with your dog

  2. Avatar Of Jannifer Jannifer says:

    Thank you. Training puppy dog is a best way to teach the dog to good behavior.
    Training puppy dog is very easy ways to guide a dog do more thing such as stop, sit, recall.

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