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Tired of Watching Dogs Suffer in Cold Weather, Man Builds Dog Houses for Free

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Casey Evans has been a dog lover his entire life. When he thinks back to his own childhood dog, a pit bull named Pete who he describes as the “best dog in the world,” he admits he could have been a better owner.

Today, as temperatures in Gaston County, Texas begin to drop, Evans, a carpenter for more than 20 years, who’s tired of seeing dogs suffer through cold winter weather, is honoring his boy Pete by providing free dog houses for anyone that needs them.

“I’ll do it until I cut fingers off, or I can’t do it no more,” Evans said. He explained to WCNC, he’s not doing this for the owners, he’s doing it for the dogs.

Evans only wishes he could devote more of his time to help all of the dogs who need it.

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  1. Avatar Of Sam Archer

    Sam Archer


    Gaston County, (where?)

  2. Avatar Of Bob Balster

    Bob Balster



    “Last week, Evans posted a message on his Facebook page offering his handmade dog houses to anyone who wants one, and asked his friends to spread the word.”

    If the Facebook link isn’t still valid, the Gaston Gazette has suggested :

    “You can call Casey Evans at 704-231-3188 if you’d like.”

  3. Avatar Of Keri Will

    Keri Will


    I would like to know where I might send donations for this amazing man.. He is looking out for all the fur babies

  4. Avatar Of Julie Smith

    Julie Smith


    Where I live there is so much wasted material at new housing construction sites…maybe a sweet man like this could be given some of that wood in his area!!

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