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Texas Woman Faces 20 Years in Jail for Alleged Dog Poop Attack

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Austin, Texas dog owner, Rebecca Trammell is facing second degree felony aggravated assault charges with up to 20 years in jail and up to $10,000 in fines after throwing dog poop at a fellow park patron.

Trammell, 46, was with her dog at the Canyon Creek Apartments’ dog park when another park patron neglected to pick up his dog’s doo. Perturbed by the deserted doo, she collected the feces and launched it at the offending dog’s owner. She then picked up a large rock and threw it at the man, fortunately missing him by several inches. (Police said that due to the rock’s large size and jagged edges, serious harm could have been caused.) And, to top it off, Trammell then spit in the man’s face.

Police arrested Trammell. Her bond has been set at $7,000. She has requested a Mental Health/Mental Retardation (MHMR) attorney to represent her.

Other dog park patrons interviewed said that while they understand Trammell’s frustration, they believe she acted out of line.

Any dog lover that frequents the dog park has felt the frustration of others not cleaning up after their dog. In fact, many dog owners don’t visit dog parks for that very reason. Besides being messy and, well, gross, dog feces can carry germs, spread disease, and make other dogs sick.

Please pick up after your pups at the park. But, if you spot someone that hasn’t, we wouldn’t recommend throwing it at them.

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  1. Avatar Of Judy Judy says:

    I have felt the exact same way as this woman…..minus the rock throwing and spitting. The guy who left his poop should be fined. Its those irresponsible dog owners that ruin it for the rest of us.

    • Avatar Of Eric



      This article is extremely misleading. I was a witness to the whole thing and the man she accused of leaving the dog mess was actually in the process of getting a bag from the dog-poo bag receptacle.

  2. Avatar Of Jeanne



    I hope they offending dog’s owner has learned a lesson himself. What a jerk.

  3. Avatar Of Linda



    it’s enough to pick my own dogs poo, let alone someone elses poo and then hold it long enough to throw it! OMG!

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