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The 10 Best Big Cities to Live in With Your Dog

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Ever thought of packing up and moving to the big city, but worried that your dog won’t enjoy the fast-paced lifestyle as much as you do? Well, the folks over at NerdWallet discovered the Top 10 Big Cities to Have a Dog!


Using a set of calculated criteria including the number of off-leash dog parks per capita, affordability of vet visits in the big city, and the walkability index of each, NerdWallet compiled the following list of big cities where your dog is sure to be as happy – and accommodated – as you are!

1.    Portland, OR

Topping the list of dog-friendly big cities is Portland, Oregon. With a whopping 32 off-leash dog parks and comparably inexpensive veterinarian visits, Portland makes owning a dog a breeze.

2.    San Francisco, CA

The City by the Bay, San Francisco, is a hot spot for dog lovers. With 27 dog parks and easy-to-walk city streets, you can’t go wrong with a dog in this town!

3.    Las Vegas , NV

Off the Vegas Strip and into the residential districts, Sin City is host to a huge number of happy pet owners. And, with a lower-than-average cost for veterinary care and an easy walkability score, you can be one too!

4.    Miami, FL

With 13 dog parks, including the impressive Amelia Earheart Bark Park with its five acres of trails, benches, and drinking stations created especially for our four legged friends, Miami, Florida is a HOT destination for any dog owner.

5.    Washington, DC

Our nation’s capital is not only a great place for families to sightsee, but dogs are welcomed here, too! A couple of the city’s parks offer clean stream swimming for water-loving pups to have a splash, too!

6.    Seattle, WA

With their 11 dog parks, average vet costs, and easily navigated by foot city layout, Seattle is the perfect big city for our furriest family members.

7.    St. Louis, MO

There’s more than meets the Arch in St. Louis, Missouri! Plenty of great dog parks and attractions, this big city welcomes your dogs at many restaurants and theme parks, too!

8.    Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee made the list for their lower-than-average veterinary costs and fair walkability. While dog parks aren’t as abundant as other big cities on the list, the ones they do have are exceptionally great.

9.    Minneapolis, MN

Offering affordable vet care and an abundance of dog parks makes Minneapolis a great destination for families with dogs. The Twin Cities offer lots of dog-themed events throughout the year.

10. Oakland, CA

With moderate weather year-round, this easily walked city is a hit with dog owners. Plenty of dog parks and great forests for hiking make Oakland the perfect big city for dogs and their humans.

Want to learn more about these dog-friendly destinations and how they were chosen? Click over to www.NerdWallet.com for more information.

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  1. Avatar Of Krystle



    I live in New Jersey and it sucks here for dogs. I live down the shore area and you cannot take your dog on the beach. It does not matter what time of the year they do not allow it. The dog parks here are also lousy. They charge so much and half of the people that go there never watch their dogs. So New Jersey is not the best place for dogs. It’s not great to live here for humans either.

  2. Avatar Of Tt



    How is Miami on the list when they have a pitbul ban???

  3. Avatar Of K9



    Several of the cities that made the good list also have laws that dogs cannot enter the water at beaches. These communities are afraid of a little dog poop where there is high levels of human made waste and toxic pollution washing ashore. Not to mention have you considered where wildlife and fishes poop?

  4. Avatar Of Myra Wilson

    Myra Wilson


    Atlanta should be on the list too!

  5. Avatar Of Michelle Hill

    Michelle Hill


    Colorado Springs should definitely be on this list. Dogs are welcome everywhere…restaurants, coffee shops, businesses! We have MANY beautiful dog parks. Coloradoans LOVE thier pets … they are part of life here 🙂

    • Avatar Of Jody Thompson

      Jody Thompson


      I can’t believe Miami is on this list, they have horrific BSL laws. I wouldn’t ever want my dog in Dade County Florida EVER.

  6. Avatar Of Amber



    YES. I m living in Las Vegas, NV. Dog is always with me 🙂

  7. Avatar Of Shaunda



    Fort Collins, Colorado should be on this list. Ppl take their dogs everywhere!!!

    • Avatar Of Oksunny



      YES!! I agree. I live in Foco and there are bowls of water left out along the sidewalks in Old Town. Love it here!!! 🙂

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