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The Best Way to Clean Dog Hair From Hardwood Floors

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We love our dogs! We enjoy their company and the joy they bring. In most cases, they are treated as a member of the family.

However, our beloved dogs can sometimes be a big inconvenience. They shed their hair all the time and we know that their hair always gets to most impossible places, particularly if you use hardwood floors.


This can be a huge problem for people who have allergy problems. A regular (and hectic, particularly if you have huskies) routine of pet grooming and floor cleaning go a long way in keeping the floors free of dog hair. Aside from this, I would be sharing some other ways to keep floors free of dog hair.

Ways to Clean Dog Hair From Hardwood Floors Include:

Reduce Shedding

This has to be the most basic way to keep your hardwood floors clean of dog hair. By keeping your dog clean, you can be sure that the amount of hair it would shed would reduce. Thus, making you have to stress less about the hair. Here are some tricks that can help you reduce the rate at which your dog sheds hair:

· Feed them with meals with lots of protein. This ensures the growth of healthy fur and less loose fur
· Regularly trim your dog’s hair to minimize loose hair and additional shedding
·Depending on the layout of your house, you can train your dog to avoid areas covered in hardwood.
·Regularly give your dog baths with proper shampoo.

Use Damp Mop for Hardwood

A damp mop is almost like a magnet for pet hair. By using this technique, you can rid your hardwood floors of a majority of dog hair shed by your pet.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

This is an easy but time-consuming way of cleaning hardwood floor of dog hair. You can use the traditional handheld vacuum cleaners or the more stylish and convenient robovacs. To help your robovac live longer and be more effective in cleaning dog hairs, always do these:

· Brush your dogs before vacuuming
· Empty your vacuum and check the filters

While vacuuming your hardwood floors, go over the floor a few times in alternating directions, as this increases your chances of picking up more strands of hair.     

Do not underestimate the effectiveness of Microfiber dusters

This has to be one of the most effective tools for cleaning dust and hair. Just like the damp mop, it acts as a magnet for everything from dirt to dust. Most Microfiber dusters have flexible heads, so you can bend it and clean the baseboards while you clean the floor at the same time.


Humidifiers can also be utilized for the removal of dog hairs from hardwood floors as they keep loose fur from clinging to surfaces of hard floor.

Utilizing De-shedding Gloves

You can easily remove dog hair from hardwood floors using this tool to rub over the surface. It can also be used to pick up loose hair from your dog’s fur coat.



When you clicked the link that brought you to this page, you must have been expecting one major technique that would totally rid you of all your dog hair problems.

However, let me disappoint you by telling you that there is no “best technique for the removal of dog hair”. While the techniques may have varying levels of effectiveness, the best technique is the one that works for you. So, try a new technique today. I also recommend that you combine a few techniques for you to get more effective results. For instance, you can combine the use o a vacuum cleaner with utilizing humidifiers to get better results.

Good Luck!

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