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Home Cleaning Tips for Every Dog Owner

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Anyone that owns a dog can tell you that maintaining a clean house is not an easy task. With all the odor, dirt, and shedding, how does one keep their house clean? Keep on reading as we list out cleaning tips that can help you!

Keep Your Dog Clean

Keep Your Dog Clean

The most basic step to a clean house is a clean dog. Bathe your dog as often as needed, take them to the groomer, and keep their bed and living space clean. To keep your home hair free, brush them regularly to contain the shedding. Dogs drool on their toys, so always clean your pet’s things. After going outdoors, always wipe their paws before going into the house. 

Hire A Cleaning Service

Emergency Cleaner on Hand

Reacting quickly to accidents is vital. There is minimal damage done when you have an emergency cleaner on hand. You will find that there are common household products that can be easily used as DIY cleaning solutions. For accidents that happen now and then on your floors, walls, and sofa, mix equal parts of water, white vinegar, and a drop of your favorite dishwashing liquid. For carpet stains, mix water and baking soda in a spray bottle and you’re good to go! Or keep one of these products on hand:

Purchase A Quality Vacuum Cleaner

Purchase a Quality Vacuum Cleaner

If you own a dog that sheds a lot, you will need to clean the house every day. Consider purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner. You can leave it while you’re out or when you’re sleeping. It goes through dog hair and dirt on spots you can’t reach, saving you time spent on cleaning. 

Use Lint Rollers

Use Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are a must-have item for anyone who owns a pet. Vacuums are great, but for dog hair that sticks to your clothes and then goes into your furniture, you’ll need a lint roller. You can also use it for throw pillows, lampshades, and couches. 

Cover Your Upholstery

Cover Your Upholstery

Dogs leave hair, stains, dirt, and strong odors on furniture, and cleaning them takes extra effort. If you want to prolong the life of your furniture, consider covering it with sheets. Another option would be to regulate your dog’s access to your couch and bed. 

Hire A Cleaning Service 1

Hire a Cleaning Service

Even if you pride yourself on cleaning really well, you might need help when it comes to deep cleaning your house. You can hire professional cleaning services in your area for regular deep cleaning. They are trained to do it and possess the quality tools and products needed for stubborn stains. 

And there you have it! What do you think of these cleaning tips? Do you have more to share?

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