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The Dog Parent’s Pledge

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Pet Parents! Ralph here. I need a favor.

Are you a good pet parent? Sign the pledge that proves it.

It’s not hard to be a good dog parent. We don’t ask for much. Well, unless you’re eating a particularly tasty treat, then we may beg a little… But, like I was saying, being a dog parent isn’t that difficult.

We give you our everything. And in return, we only need you to do the following:

– You should understand that sticking my nose into someone’s crotch is my way of saying ‘hello’.

– You promise not to make me eat food from China, no matter how much I seem to like it.

– You will allow me to follow you into the bathroom and let me watch the flush.

– You understand that sometimes I like to stand halfway in and halfway out of an open door and just contemplate the world. I do my best thinking that way!

– You’ll take me to a veterinarian when I’m sick. As much as I hate going, I know he’s qualified to help me.

– You won’t scold me if I puke on the Oriental rug.

– You’ll keep telling me I’m a “good boy”. I love that! But, please stop making fun of my breath. Have you smelled your own breath lately?

– You promise to take me for daily walks. I need stimulation and it’s my favorite time for us to bond.

– You will teach me what’s right and wrong. I want to make you happy – but you’ll need to show me how!

– You will keep me forever. You won’t throw me away when I get old, or sick, or bigger than you thought I would.

– You’ll give me a warm, soft place to lay my head at night. Preferably in your bed, but I’ll be satisfied with a bed of my own.

– You will refill my bowl with fresh water every day! It doesn’t have to be that fancy stuff you drink, just clean and fresh.

– You promise to keep those itchy fleas off my fur and worms out of my belly, however it is you do that.

– My hormones are driving me crazy! Please have me neutered!

Will you take the pledge to be a good dog parent? Leave your name in a comment below to tell the world you love your dog and will give them the very best life possible. It’s easy!

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  1. Avatar Of Obeffreency OBEFFREENCY says:

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  2. I took the pledge. This should be the only way to take care of your dog. My dog eats better than I do, but I don’t mind. He is my heart. Remember dog spelled backwards is God, who put animals on this earth for us to take care of and not be abused.

  3. Avatar Of Terri Terri says:

    OMG our animals are our life we more then pledge. Those who don’t have a four legged animals are missing out on a life time of love laughter and joy I feel sorry for those people

  4. Avatar Of Janice Hoffman

    Janice Hoffman


    I happily take the pledge to give my beautiful boxer, Roxie, the best life possible that I can & to love her with all that I have within myself as I have my children. Roxie is my four legged child & she brings joy & happiness to my life every day just as my two legged children do & have when they were home with me. I love them all! Thank You Lord for Blessing Me as Only You Can!

  5. Avatar Of Laura Eide Weber

    Laura Eide Weber


    I’ll happily take this pledge to give our pet family the best life possible. We love them both dearly, so they live like we live. Comfortable, loved with respect and affection.
    Two paws up for Eduardo Jose and Hilda Marie Weber

  6. Avatar Of Nikki



    I proudly take this pledge to my babies, who rescued ME. To Lady and Bug, mommy will ALWAYS love and spoil you!

  7. Avatar Of Kaitlyn



    I will proudly pledge for my girls Nala and Joney 😀

  8. Avatar Of Deb



    I promise to do my best to take care of all my dogs, present and future. I love you with all my heart and soul..You have been the best part of my life…my 4 legged children.

  9. Avatar Of Danielle M

    Danielle M


    To the end of this earth and beyond, Bo!

  10. Avatar Of Ruth



    I take this pledge to love My Izzy even after she crosses OTRB! I will make her life the best I can I love my beagle

  11. Avatar Of Lindsey



    I will always love my fur babies!! 🙂

  12. Avatar Of Janet Pell

    Janet Pell


    I WILL love you forever…all 4 of you… even when you get in the trash and shred paper all over the carpet!

  13. Avatar Of Danel Wyatt

    Danel Wyatt


    You are the sparkle in my day, and always make me smile- nothing makes me happier then buying you things and showing you off!! Couldn’t love you anymore and don’t always deserve the love you give me. No matter how old, you’ll always be my Baby. Mama loves you Levi!!

  14. Avatar Of Claire Waffle

    Claire Waffle


    I love my fur baby Rambler. He was a street dog and now is pampered and deeply loved. Thanks buddy for coming into my life.

  15. Avatar Of Jodi, jodi, says:

    I pledge to be.a good mommy to daffodils.all ways

  16. Avatar Of Penny Czapiewski

    Penny Czapiewski


    I will always take care of my girl Schatzie! I love her so much!

  17. Avatar Of Chris



    I promise to take care and love both my babies as long as they are alive (and beyond). I have a Golden who is almost 12 years old and one who is 12 weeks old. We lost our 7 year old in January on his 7th birthday to cancer. We did everything we could for him including a midnight run to the emergency vet followed by 5 hours of surgery. He wasn’t in pain and we brought him home. We feel fortunate that he had another 12 happy days with us. We took him back to get the stitches out one to find he had more internal bleeding and spreading cancer. So we took him home and his regular vet came to help him, with his favorite blanket, to heaven. Same thing for the older dog. We often call her our $15,000 dog because when she was 3 (and then again 4) she had to have both her knees rebuilt. She can run with the best of them still. If this doesn’t prove my dedication to my pups, I don’t know what would. I love you Dory and Captain! And I love and miss you Rex.

  18. Avatar Of Don Borchert

    Don Borchert


    I promise and I have with my current and any future babies.. I swear!!

  19. Avatar Of Sue D'Andrea

    Sue D'Andrea


    I promise I will be a great pet parent to my tiny toy parti colour black/white poodle! He is not a doggie yet but he will be in about 6 weeks! I have always been a great parent to all my pups and shall continue to be one for the rest of my life!

  20. Avatar Of Andi Lee

    Andi Lee


    I promise!

  21. Avatar Of Sharon



    How could I not pledge to be the best parent I can be to my two beautiful Cotons. That is the least I could do for them for all that they do for me.

  22. Avatar Of Sandy Stevens

    Sandy Stevens


    Happy to take this pledge.

  23. Avatar Of Mary Kay

    Mary Kay


    I would like to add one more which I do daily with my dogs and think they would be upset if I skip it. Must have CUDDLE TIME!

  24. Avatar Of Lori B.

    Lori B.


    There is never a question or hesitation…..I pledge these things daily to my furbabies. They are my children and my joy.

  25. Avatar Of Sasha S.

    Sasha S.


    I joyously pledge to be a great pet parent to my two pit bulls, Bantick and Cookie.

  26. Avatar Of Jillian



    I gladly take the pledge to be a great doggie parent to my dogs and foster dogs! It’s the least I can do, they bring me so much joy day in and day out! My dogs are my life!

  27. Avatar Of Linda



    I Take the pledge. My 3 Chi’s are my children. My 3 daughters Pets are my Grandchildren. They will always have my love, affection & care for as long as they live.
    They come before me with all of their needs, Including our dental care. :=)
    Nothing but the best for my Kids.

  28. Avatar Of Denise



    I do that EVERY day. The only thing more important than my fur babies is my husband and some days he doesn’t rate.

  29. Avatar Of Andrea



    I invented this pledge. HA! I go over the top for my dogs. Sometimes I treat them better than humans. They get great food, great treats, fresh water, sleep anywhere they want, even on my pillow and tons of love and kisses! My furry babies mean the world to me. I will probably need therapy when they cross over the rainbow bridge because they are my world.

  30. Avatar Of Helene Greenberg

    helene greenberg


    I happily take the pledge for my dog jazz

  31. Avatar Of Denise Ferguson

    Denise Ferguson


    We will always have a safe, & loving home for our precious golden retriever. We’re very blessed to have been able to share our lives with him for ove 11 years.

  32. Avatar Of Diane Favier

    Diane Favier


    Of course I agree to be a good pet parent. I saved you when you were 14 oz. and only 8 days old and now you are 8 years old and over 100 pounds.

  33. Avatar Of Rick Chaffe

    Rick Chaffe


    People can pledge anything they want. A pledge is only as strong as the desire to do the right thing. It is the doing that counts.

  34. Avatar Of Nannette Marsh

    Nannette Marsh


    I really don’t need to take a pledge either. Our dogs get the right food,( NOT from China)sleep in bed with us,go to the vet regularly,get their teeth brushed,nails clipped,get treats that I bake. We make sure none are overweight,they are checked for lumps and bumps, and at the first sign of trouble they go to the vet. We take them places in our van that we bought for them , and the 3 grandkids. We love them more than I can say, and they will be with us until they die.

  35. Avatar Of Sherri Ronning

    Sherri Ronning


    I pledge and promise to be a good Pet Parent and more!! I already have for 7 years and it’s so easy to do because my Snickers gives me so much in return!! I couldn’t pay him back for what he has given me in a 100 years! He’s been my friend & my family when everyone abandoned me! So I will NEVER abandon him and he will always have the very best I can give him right up to the very last moment we have together on this earth! We Are Fur-Ever Family!! :~)~

  36. Avatar Of Butch Chapman

    Butch Chapman


    This is a great pledge I love it

  37. I love both my dogs soooooooo much,more than ever cos they’re rescue dogs.

  38. Avatar Of Cathy Divine

    Cathy Divine


    I promise to take care of you always! And probably better than myself!

  39. Avatar Of Paula Paula says:

    Happily will take this pledge for my babies and all of my fosters. They deserve this and so much more.

  40. Avatar Of Sandra Slack

    Sandra Slack


    I take this pledge 10x’s over!

  41. Avatar Of Melissa Duncan

    Melissa Duncan


    I have held up this pledge for almost 15 years now with my baby girl Roxy 🙂

  42. Avatar Of Becky Stockum

    Becky Stockum


    I will do everything that I possibly can to give my 2 dogs the best, safest & healthiest lives ever—-with more loving than they ever had before we rescued Sam from a snare & dear sweet Zoe from her throwaway life—we have been told that she had at least 10 owners before us—-but we are her last—-AND best ones. They are so special to me!!!!!

  43. Avatar Of Lorna Ares Echem- Chao

    Lorna Ares Echem- Chao


    I pledge to you, my babies, to be your loving and caring Mom always.

  44. Avatar Of Maia



    I happily take this pledge for my 4 dogs Riley, Chole, Otis, and Molly and any I may have in the future. I pledge this to my cats too.

  45. Avatar Of Donna Brisebois

    Donna Brisebois


    I made that pledge to my three rescued dogs, Jasmine(Boxer/Border Collie mix),Daisy(Plotthound),and Jethro(Jack Russel Terrier) when I adopted them. I am an advocate for adoption/spaying and nuetering. I can’t imagine my life without the pleasure they bring to me every day.

  46. Avatar Of Samantha Emery

    Samantha Emery


    I love my Moxie!

  47. Avatar Of Owen Tales Owen Tales says:

    Absolutely! All of us pups agree with you!!

  48. Avatar Of Marykaye Proctor



    OMG my dog is my life!! She is my everything!!! lol

  49. Avatar Of Betty



    I promise to always love you and take care of you and continue to spoil you. I will continue to make all your dog treats from scratch and make sure they are healthy. And take you on walks and all our vacations. And always let you sleep in my bed no matter what. You are my life and one of my children…id be lonely without you both and your two roommates the Kittys..love mommmy

  50. Avatar Of Vickie



    We pledge to do all of the above for my little doggies! We love them so much!

  51. Avatar Of Sandra Bristow

    Sandra Bristow


    I gladly take this pledge.

  52. Avatar Of Sandy Kanervisto

    Sandy Kanervisto


    and I promise I will laugh when I am the last one to bed and and I have to sleep on the couch because you have taken over my half. Love my Enzo!

  53. We promise to be the best parents possible. You will sleep in our bed and never do without fresh water, made in USA food and treats and be totally spoiled rotten.

  54. Avatar Of Regina Rizzolo

    Regina Rizzolo


    We love our pets just like our children. They are family. They are part of our world and we don’t need a pledge to remind us, but we like this one! We will always be there for them, no matter what, castles or tents, doesn’t matter.

  55. Avatar Of Robin-Yoda'S Mom

    Robin-Yoda's Mom


    I pledge Forever!!!

  56. Avatar Of Tia Crawford

    Tia Crawford


    I pledge to love my dog with all I have, as I have done for the past 11 years of his life. Take feed, live, shelter and take care of for as long as he’s on this earth. My love, my life, my teddybear !!!

  57. Avatar Of Shar



    I pledge to do all of the above plus more. She is the love of my life, so much company

  58. Avatar Of Gary gary says:

    This has been my “forever pledge” for my best canine friend.

  59. Avatar Of Vicki Tittle

    Vicki Tittle


    I will love you and care for you always

  60. Avatar Of Pam



    I take the pledge but always treat my animals with love and kindness. My husband jokes and says when he dies he wants to come back as my one of my dogs 🙂

  61. Avatar Of Donna Donna says:

    I gladly take the pledge but I treat my Mountain Cur the same without the pledge. He is my best friend and I will alway love him. Rescued!

  62. Avatar Of Carol Mahar

    Carol mahar


    I pledge. Sasi is my companion – a rescue.

  63. Avatar Of Andrea



    I happily take this pledge for Chloe And alex, my babies.

  64. Avatar Of Jennifer



    No problem. We are furever pet parents, currently owned by a lovely. Labrador.

  65. Avatar Of Laura



    I happily take this pledge!

  66. Avatar Of Pat Giampietro

    Pat Giampietro


    I pledge to love and care for our Scotties, Matylda and Maggie, and all the other animals we have Love you to the moon and back <3

  67. Avatar Of Gene Stewart

    Gene Stewart


    I pledge this and more to my sweet girl and to any future pets I may have. Dogs just make life better!

  68. Avatar Of Miriam Herzog

    Miriam Herzog


    I gladly take the pledge..LOVE our Bloodhounds, Lenny & Lila 🙂

  69. Avatar Of Sherrie B. Porter

    Sherrie B. Porter


    I promise to love my Sapphire with all of my heart, and take really good care of my little Blue Meryle Chiweenie!

  70. Avatar Of Patti



    When I finally sit down at night I cannot be comfortable until I am covered up in Doxies. And when I go to bed it is pretty much the same, at least one in my arms and the others all around me on the bed, most of them under the covers. I do LOVE my babies, Dixie,Mandan,Darcie,Foster & Molly!

  71. Avatar Of Carol



    My dogs have it made pretty much..somedays I’d love to trade lives with them! I love my JJ & Allie so much..they’re good girls !

  72. Avatar Of Webster'S Mom

    Webster's Mom


    I am proud to be a doggie mom!

  73. Avatar Of Teresa Campbell

    teresa campbell


    I dont need to take a pledge to remind me to love my Lily. She has so much love to give and i have more love for her.SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!

  74. Avatar Of Lynn Goldberg

    Lynn Goldberg


    I gladly take the pledge for both of my precious babies – Daphne and Gwen!

  75. Avatar Of Carol Carol says:

    I will love my furbabies and honor this pledge. I have been a pet owner for over 30 years and have kept them until they were ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge. When I go to meet them, I will be stamepeded by my dear darlings….

  76. Avatar Of Gia



    I pledge to be the best dog parent that I can be!! I will love my furbabies with all my heart and soul and do everything I can to make them the happiest they can be.

  77. Avatar Of Teri



    As long as I have you I promise to give you the best I can, but more important, to always love you.

  78. Avatar Of Rosiebearmom



    I pledge to do all of the above and more!!

  79. Avatar Of Heather Traube

    Heather Traube


    Not only will I HAPPILY take the pledge to be the BEST pet parent i can be to my beautiful Australian Shepherd, Buddy…but I promise to protect every second of his life with mine, he MORE than deserves that!!!

  80. Avatar Of Shelly Debee

    Shelly DeBee


    I love this idea but I dont need a pledge to remind me to love my babies!!! My kids are spoiled and loved soo much!! I promise never ever to let them down, I promise to give them everything and anything human possible to make sure they want for nothing!

    • Avatar Of Su



      I agree with Shelly I don’t need a pledge either.
      I love my fur balls
      Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you I spoil them but I also make them mind
      do they mind perfectly well no but then neither do my two legged kids
      But then I am not perfect either
      I can’t imagine life without them
      Lilly and Coal make my life whole!

  81. I happily take the pledge to be a GREAT pet parent to my 2 Goldens, Olive and Noah!

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