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The Dog Parent’s Pledge

Pet Parents! Ralph here. I need a favor.

Are you a good pet parent? Sign the pledge that proves it.

It’s not hard to be a good dog parent. We don’t ask for much. Well, unless you’re eating a particularly tasty treat, then we may beg a little… But, like I was saying, being a dog parent isn’t that difficult.

We give you our everything. And in return, we only need you to do the following:

– You should understand that sticking my nose into someone’s crotch is my way of saying ‘hello’.

– You promise not to make me eat food from China, no matter how much I seem to like it.

– You will allow me to follow you into the bathroom and let me watch the flush.

– You understand that sometimes I like to stand halfway in and halfway out of an open door and just contemplate the world. I do my best thinking that way!

– You’ll take me to a veterinarian when I’m sick. As much as I hate going, I know he’s qualified to help me.

– You won’t scold me if I puke on the Oriental rug.

– You’ll keep telling me I’m a “good boy”. I love that! But, please stop making fun of my breath. Have you smelled your own breath lately?

– You promise to take me for daily walks. I need stimulation and it’s my favorite time for us to bond.

– You will teach me what’s right and wrong. I want to make you happy – but you’ll need to show me how!

– You will keep me forever. You won’t throw me away when I get old, or sick, or bigger than you thought I would.

– You’ll give me a warm, soft place to lay my head at night. Preferably in your bed, but I’ll be satisfied with a bed of my own.

– You will refill my bowl with fresh water every day! It doesn’t have to be that fancy stuff you drink, just clean and fresh.

– You promise to keep those itchy fleas off my fur and worms out of my belly, however it is you do that.

– My hormones are driving me crazy! Please have me neutered!

Will you take the pledge to be a good dog parent? Leave your name in a comment below to tell the world you love your dog and will give them the very best life possible. It’s easy!




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