The German Shepherd: Great Family Pet

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Originally bred to be guard dogs, the breed is very protective of those in his family unit. The average weight of the breed is sixty to eighty pound and stands between twenty two and twenty seven inches at the base of the neck. Most prevalent color markings are tan and black with grey and tan variations also normal. The fur is long and very luxurious when properly maintained and groomed.

While the breed does well in city environments they require daily exercise to stay fit and happy. These dogs have the endurance to run for miles and need plenty of exercise to stretch their legs and work off all the energy. For those who live in rural areas, and those who have large fenced in back yards, the dog can run these areas for sufficient daily exercise.

This breed, being highly intelligent, is not satisfied to simply lie around doing nothing. They require mental stimulation as much as physical exercise so plan on providing the dog with basic and advanced training for the dog. With this breed it is wise to begin training while he or she is a puppy. Once they grow to full size the combination of their physical strength and need for stimulation will be more than most owners can deal with during basic training.

All in all a German Shepherd makes a great family dog, and can be trusted to protect your family and home.

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  1. Avatar Of Kyle Kyle says:

    Love my shepherds. We’ve been blessed to have two over the years and they are the best anyone could ask for.

  2. Avatar Of Singing Dogs Singing Dogs says:

    They are great dogs but shed quite a bit.

  3. Avatar Of Susan Hinzman

    Susan Hinzman


    I have had four GSD ‘s and they are some of the best dogs I have ever had. My daughter has had six Burnese Mt dogs and they are really great too.

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