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The 5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

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A variety of factors effect the cost of different dog breeds including rarity and purity of breed. Additionally, popularity can play a role in a breed’s normal price point, as a dog becomes more popular and more in demand, the prices can rise as their supply declines. Subsequently, this list changes dramatically from year to year and country to country – but, as 2011 came to a close, the 5 named below, from AllPetNews.com, were the most expensive dog breeds.

The 5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

With the literally hundreds of dog breeds, how do you determine which ones are the most expensive?  The list can actually change over time based on a few factors, the most important being which celebrity owns what dog breed.  For example, when Paris Hilton got her Chihuahua, the breed climbed the chart for most expensive.  Other factors include supply and demand, meaning if the breed is rare and is sought after, the cost increases, as well as if the breed is for show.  If the breed is the offspring of a prize winning dog, its cost will also increase.

Top 5 Most Expensive Dog Breeds

5. Chow Chow

Chow Chow21

The Chow Chow dog breed is known for its distinct blue-black tongue and hindlegs which are almost straight.  With its lion-like mane, it is also one of the most beautiful breeds.  This breed of dogs is very dominant so they need a dominant owner who is firm and consistent.  They are good with children and do well in households with cats and other household pets when they are introduced to them while they are young.  Currently the Chow Chow dog breed ranges in price from $3000-$8500.

4. English Bulldog


The English Bulldog is one of world’s most gentle dog breeds, in spite of its rugged appearance, making it one of the best breeds for families with children.  The English Bulldog breed makes for great guard dogs because of their instinctive nature to protect those they are loyal to and can hey can reach a height of 12-16 inches and can weigh around 51-55 pounds.  Currently the English Bulldog ranges in price from $2500-$9000.

3. Samoyed


Samoyed dogs are used for sledding and herding, but are extremely easy going, friendly, and playful.  They make poor watchdogs because of their want to befriend even strangers, but are highly intelligent.  The Samoyed breed are popular in obedience competitions, and they make wonderful therapy dogs due to their gentle and caring nature and make great dogs for families with children.  Currently the Samoyed dog breed ranges in price from $4000-$11,000.

2. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles1

This dog breed is extremely outgoing, intelligent, and happy, and are most often seen in the show ring, obedience competitions, and make great therapy dogs.  Because of their gentle and happy temperament, this breed makes a great pet for families with children.  The average height of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels range between 12-13 inches and the average weight is around 10-18 pounds.  Currently the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breed ranges in price from $1000-$14,000.

1. German Shepherd


The German Shepherd dog breed is one of the best breeds to use for service and therapy due to their temperament.  They are highly intelligent dogs that are perfect for families with children.  They require daily exercise and enjoy being with people as much as possible.  This dog breed is exceptionally loyal to their owners and excel in many competitive sports including obedience, tracking, and agility competitions.  Currently as the number one most expensive dog breed, they range in price from $3000-$24,000.

Read more here. Were you surprised to learn of the 5 most expensive dog breeds? Do you own any of the breeds in this list? Tell us about your priceless furry friend below!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Barbara Sanders

    Barbara Sanders


    What about the Viszla, the Mastiff, the French Bulldog…the price you have on the Chow-Chow won’t hold up in Texas…too hot! English Bulldogs have to be kept under lock & key here in S.A.(they get stolen) & the Samoyed has a lot of hair for our climate. When I was doing research on dogs, the Viszla was listed as the one with the fewest health issues & the King Charles was listed as often times having heart problems. I’ll pay good money for an animal from a responsible breeder, especially if the animal is going to weigh over 25 lbs. A good breeder has eyes/hips, etc. certified! Adopting a dog from a shelter is ALWAYS the best way to go.

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