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Woman Goes Viral For Carrying 52 Lbs. Dog In A Backpack On New York Subway

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A New York City native found a way to beat the NYC Subway system by carrying her 52 lbs. dog in a backpack and goes viral for it.

The woman, Jackie Hornung, reveals the “bizzare” reason why she carries her Samoyed, Lumi, on a backpack when taking the subway.

“Dogs have to be in bags on the NYC subway! So that’s why he’s in a backpack,” Hornung wrote on a viral Tiktok video, which now has over 5 million views and 500,000 likes.

During the first half of the viral video, Hornung is seen entering the subway with Lumi in a large green hiking backpack.

And during the other half, a glimpse of how Hornung and Lumi’s commute looks like in the subway is shown.


Hornung tells Newsweek that Lumi loves to be carried and is pretty calm inside his big, green hiking bag. She also reveals, “He gets a lot of pets, which he very much enjoys.”

When asked if her dog is uncomfortable inside the bag, Hornung replied saying that the bag is pretty spacious and has “a good platform at the bottom” for Lumi to safely sit in.

Lumi is a 1.5-year-old Samoyed, whose name means “Snow” in Finnish. One follower even pointed this out saying, “you know lumi means snow in Finnish? 🥰 which Hornung replies with, “Yes! We did that on purpose 🥰”

And thanks to Lumi’s continued rise to pup-stardom, he and Hornung were invited and appeared on Good Morning America last week.

Hornung And Lumi At The Good Morning America Show
Credits: littlebearlumi on Instagram

You can follow Hornung and Lumi’s daily life and NYC subway adventures on Tiktok and on Instagram.

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