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The Loveable Cairn Terrier

Named for the piles of stones found in his country of origin, the Cairn was bred to hunt, and at heart he is a very fierce and tenacious hunter of small game animals. He has very strong teeth, claws for digging out his quarry, and is relentless in the pursuit of the fox and other animals.

The Cairn terrier makes a wonderful family dog and is great with children. Due to his fierce nature he should be socialized and well trained so his behavior is acceptable when around children and strangers. One of the very intelligent breeds, there is little this breed cannot be taught. From obedience to hunting to performing tricks this little bundle of power can do it all.

The typical Cairn weighs twelve to fourteen pounds and stands about twelve to fourteen inches tall. Cairns are sociable but are also happy when alone due to their independent nature. To keep this breed from getting into mischief always see he has plenty of toys and other things to keep him busy. Dog intelligence games are perfect for this high IQ canine, as is training to run dog obstacle courses.

While the Cairn will enjoy being spoiled into a lap doggie as much as any breed, this is a waste of his natural instincts to be active and constantly learning new tasks.

If you are considering a dog, the loveable Cairn terrier is definitely worth taking a serious look at.

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