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The Scandal No One Is Talking About


You love your fur baby.  You would do anything for your fur baby.

They are members of your family. Sometimes, they are the nicest and most appreciative members.

And when they are ill, you want to give them the best care.

Guess what – chances are you could be the best and most loving dog-parent in the world but the pet industry is secretly poisoning them.

That’s right.

The DogingtonPost discovered a widespread collections of lies and misleading information in the Pet Vitamin and Supplement Industry.

Let’s just say at the outset, that nearly all Pet Vitamins and Supplements are either manufactured in China or contain ingredients made in China.

The Pet Industry Is Poisoning Your Babies

So let’s introduce you to two important terms: MADE and SOURCED.

Made means where the product is assembled. Sourced means where the ingredients are sourced.

So you can have the following:

A product made in the USA but the ingredients are sourced in China.

A product made and sourced in China.

And it gets worse.

We discovered many products that claimed to be made in the USA but are secretly sourced in China.

Plus, we even found some products that claimed to be made and sourced in the USA but were in fact containing Chinese ingredients.

Today, almost all vitamin products (even for humans) are sourced in China.

The price difference between using products made and sourced in the USA and those made or sourced in China is staggering. So most pet vitamin and supplement manufacturers know most pet parents aren’t aware (until now) of this problem.

And here’s the worst part – a manufacturer can switch sources without ever notifying consumers.

So the product you bought last month that was “made and sourced in the USA” may really be made and sourced in China.

Our investigation found massive lying and deception in the industry. The use of terms such as “all natural” and “organic” are not indicators of the truth. We found “organic” to be particularly misleading when some of the products do not have organic sources.

At the DogingtonPost we see it as our duty to bring this disturbing information to you. The Pet Supplement industry is going to be very upset with us and we expect to be the recipient of a great deal of anger.

We are thankful to the Pet Industry insider who brought this to our attention. Thank you for having a conscience.

Although we see ourselves as people with a mission to bring you important information about your fur babies, everyone we told this story to asked us to get involved.

We are currently examining whether or not to personally supervise the manufacture of dog supplements that are MADE and SOURCED in the USA. If this is something that is important to you, please leave a comment.

We know you care about your fur baby and so do we.

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