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The Scandal No One Is Talking About

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You love your fur baby.  You would do anything for your fur baby.

They are members of your family. Sometimes, they are the nicest and most appreciative members.

And when they are ill, you want to give them the best care.

Guess what – chances are you could be the best and most loving dog-parent in the world but the pet industry is secretly poisoning them.

That’s right.

The DogingtonPost discovered a widespread collections of lies and misleading information in the Pet Vitamin and Supplement Industry.

Let’s just say at the outset, that nearly all Pet Vitamins and Supplements are either manufactured in China or contain ingredients made in China.

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The Pet Industry Is Poisoning Your Babies

So let’s introduce you to two important terms: MADE and SOURCED.

Made means where the product is assembled. Sourced means where the ingredients are sourced.

So you can have the following:

A product made in the USA but the ingredients are sourced in China.

A product made and sourced in China.

And it gets worse.

We discovered many products that claimed to be made in the USA but are secretly sourced in China.

Plus, we even found some products that claimed to be made and sourced in the USA but were in fact containing Chinese ingredients.

Today, almost all vitamin products (even for humans) are sourced in China.

The price difference between using products made and sourced in the USA and those made or sourced in China is staggering. So most pet vitamin and supplement manufacturers know most pet parents aren’t aware (until now) of this problem.

And here’s the worst part – a manufacturer can switch sources without ever notifying consumers.

So the product you bought last month that was “made and sourced in the USA” may really be made and sourced in China.

Our investigation found massive lying and deception in the industry. The use of terms such as “all natural” and “organic” are not indicators of the truth. We found “organic” to be particularly misleading when some of the products do not have organic sources.

At the DogingtonPost we see it as our duty to bring this disturbing information to you. The Pet Supplement industry is going to be very upset with us and we expect to be the recipient of a great deal of anger.

We are thankful to the Pet Industry insider who brought this to our attention. Thank you for having a conscience.

Although we see ourselves as people with a mission to bring you important information about your fur babies, everyone we told this story to asked us to get involved.

We are currently examining whether or not to personally supervise the manufacture of dog supplements that are MADE and SOURCED in the USA. If this is something that is important to you, please leave a comment.

We know you care about your fur baby and so do we.

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  1. Avatar Of Johnson Johnson says:

    Hi thre friends, good piece of writing and fastidious urging commnented
    here, I am truly enjoying by these.

  2. Avatar Of Rebecca Holley

    Rebecca Holley


    Yes, we should know!

  3. Avatar Of Sandra Ditommaso

    Sandra ditommaso


    Yes please. Get involved

  4. Avatar Of Martha



    If this helps…I called the manufacturers of Rachael Ray’s dog food and asked where lamb comes from in Just 6. I was told by the woman (She’ll give her name if asked,) that all the ingredients are from the USA. All of them.
    I believe her.
    My dog does well on the dry food with 6 ingredients..and I feel better knowing they’re coming from the USA, and the manufacturer will call me back when I leave a message.

  5. Avatar Of Denise Wilson

    Denise Wilson


    Please do what you can. I refuse to using anything made or sourced in China.

  6. Avatar Of Megan



    I would like to know where it’s made and sourced! My dog is my best friend and I love him very much. This is very important to me.

  7. Avatar Of Chris



    I think we should have better oversight when it comes to the production of vitamins, treats and especially food for our pets. The manufactures should be held responsible for truth in labeling on products they sell. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  8. Avatar Of Jennifer O'Neill

    jennifer O'Neill


    /please investigate this even in the US. I use GNC for my pets and will not buy again till I am sure of the source and making of the vitamins.

  9. Avatar Of Laurie laurie says:

    I have switched to essential oils for my babies…specifically Young Living oils. I know they are natural and safe and effective! For arthritis and cancer, I use Beta Glucan which is manufactured specifically in USA by Transfer Point. After losing one of my babies to kidney failure 3 years ago, I knew I had poisoned him by not being vigilant about his food. Horrible lesson to learn…

  10. Avatar Of Jennifer O'Neill

    jennifer O'Neill


    /please investigate this even in the US. I use GNC for my pets and will not purchase again till I am sure of the source and making of the vitamins.

  11. Avatar Of Nancy Douglass

    Nancy Douglass


    I would love to be better informed about what I’m giving my babies with the intention of helping them. This really needs to be looked at as fraud plain and simple. I should be able to trust that I am receiving what I am being told I am paying for.

  12. Avatar Of Carol P.

    Carol P.


    I find all of this disturbing. It’s so difficult as a pet owner to be totally aware of all of these things when your on a tight budget. You will buy what you can afford and feel that works for your babies. Even pet food you can’t trust and I don’t have time to make dog food for 7 dogs. I & my 7 dogs would be forever grateful if Dogington would get involved and keep us informed on this poisoning trend. I thank you all for your great investing work to help keep our babies well. God Bless you all.

  13. Avatar Of Jean Cervi

    Jean Cervi


    I would like to add one more source of toxic vitamins and minerals being slipped in under the radar to pet owners — pet food. Even many of the high-end high-priced foods that put themselves out front as being ‘natural’ and made in the USA are actually getting their supplements from China. When pinned down via phone and email, they admitted to the China sourcing but said they ‘closely monitor’ the process. Sure, like China lets them monitor their factories.

  14. Avatar Of Jo Martens Jo Martens says:

    Debbie I agree. Why criticize a well written informative article about something someone did their research on!

  15. Avatar Of Debbie



    While USA products may not all be good..but atleast we know the ones coming from China are tainted in many ways. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that out. (Obviously Celeste above hasnt done her homework) You can go to the FDA’s website and verify all the findings from China’s tainted products and foods. China has even openly admitted they have purposely tainted foods coming into this country on purpose cause they hate Americans.
    Supplements for both human and pet are laced with all kinds of things. You DO however have some good smaller companies that DO care and are making quality supplements. In reading some of my books on herbs etc..it gives some thumbs up on some good high quality herbs. If you do your research, you can find them. It seems most people would rather slam the TRUTH than to do the research themselves before commenting and making a fool of themselves. Its sad how humans are eager to criticize helpful information. If you dont like the warning..go elsewhere. Why open your big fat mouth and waste other peoples time with stupid rants. (speaking again to Celeste) I have a website that is completely dedicated to the care of animals in the holistic and organic world and getting the word out about horrible ingredients and RX meds, vaccines is my goal. I research this alot and have found..that only 1% of anything…yes ANYTHING coming into this country is inspected and checked for chemicals or otherwise. GO TO THE FDA’s website. They DO post some stuff but not all of it..because the FDA doesnt really care what comes in. as long as it puts money in their pockets. Now the secret is…when giving or taking supplements or even eating anything or drinking the water from your faucet..is you need to eat better foods, organic if at all possible,take your supplements, drink filtered water and dont eat much seafood at all. Alot of mercury in seafood. Then detox your body every 6 months. Take digestive enzymes and probiotics along with milk thistle to cleanse the liver and even repair any damage to it. Pet Foods have gotten so horrible that i have started all of my dogs on a raw diet. its the best thing i have ever done. I can feel good about what i do for them now and sleep at night. and yes they get supplements and detoxed often also. if your going to eat seafood, stick with smaller fish. Less build up of mercury. and FYI..MOST ALL…yes MOST ALL pet foods have synthetic supplements and most all are sourced from other countries. So when you feed your dog commercial foods, your providing them the same low quality supplements. All i can say people…is do your homework before you jump to criticism or slam someone for trying to help you! Its childish and ridiculous. Get off your a$$ if you care that much and do your research.

  16. Avatar Of Cat



    As has been my discovery in the past, I guess 20 years now.. Humans seem to not CARE. I mean they do not care about their other humankind. They don’t care about their animal-kind. Their own families & people that make their lives better like doctors, law makers, police people, firefighters, teachers and the lists go on & on. I have spoken to one of my oldest friend about this a lot. At first we thought because WE as a generation acted a bit too proud to follow the ‘rules’ in play at that time. We fought like the people we watched growing up who changed the rules & made the laws. We actually thought we were smarter or more able to fix things I guess? I don’t know & can not imagine how it started to grow into a damned epidemic for a person, the top of the food chain, to just begin trashing all we hold dear & wonderful in life?! I will say this much because I think it’s worth mentioning ok. IF WE DON’T STOP THIS ABUSE OF ALL LIVING THINGS.. IT WILL ALL BE OVER BEFORE WE BEGIN THE DEBATE TO FIGURE OUT WHO WE GET TO POINT THE FINGER AT! As if it even matters at all.

  17. Avatar Of Alice B

    Alice B


    This is also true for human supplements. I took l-tryptophan and it said on the bottle it was all natural and made in the USA but it wasn’t. It was contaminated with 60 different bacterias never seen before and it was genetically engineered. At the time over 1400 people developed eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome and 47 died. NEMSN.org has the information for anyone interested. Most of us are severely disabled because of this supplement and it’s back on the market being made in Asia. I would never give my pets supplements after what I’ve been through. I don’t trust the industry, they aren’t regulated and many will say anything for the money. How do we know who’s telling the truth?

  18. Avatar Of Susan Geleng Susan Geleng says:

    YOU ARE SO RIGHT! I would like to talk to the person who wrote this article.

  19. Avatar Of Jo Martens Jo Martens says:

    Most spices and vitamins come from China.
    Thank you for sharing with us your research.
    Please keep us posted.
    GMOs are our next pain in the neck.
    What is this world coming to? And end?
    My furkid has all ready been poisoned by Purina chicken jerky.
    Will be on 9 medications a day for the rest of his shorted life all because corporate greed is more important than a life!

  20. Avatar Of Beth



    The fact that our government allows us to consume genetically modified foods WITHOUT even knowing what is and is not genetically modified says that pets would fall even lower on their level of concern (or lack there of). The best I or any one who is trying to fight for their lives and that of their pets can do is research til your head’s about to explode. Network with people in the know and who are aware of the dangers. I do not buy anything for my dogs to consume that can be bought at Wal-Mart, Petco, or Petsmart (or stores like them). And even then when I buy their food and treats from small specialty stores I research the hell out them and challenge the makers if they are being too obtuse. Thank you Dogington for getting this info out, it’s groups like yours that can aid in the fight.

  21. Avatar Of Teresa Teresa says:

    Thank you for this info. I try to read the labels and make sure food, treats, etc. are NOT made in China. The dishonesty is very disturbing. PLEASE EVERYONE, make sure what you give your companion animal or any animal you have – read the label and ban China made food, vitamins, etc.

  22. This is great information! Thank you for sharing. This applies to many large companies that are looking for the cheapest ingredient. However, not all pet industry companies are to blame. We, at our company, are very strict about what ingredients we use and from where they are sourced. Its the big, cheap companies giving everyone a scare. My advice, stay smaller and local(when possible), staying away from the giant manufacturers who mostly are looking at the profits not the product. Once you find a company you trust, keep an eye on the quality of manufacturing and the quality of the product they produce. It’s a scary world out there!

  23. Avatar Of Krystine



    I’m confused. This article says that we are unintentionally poisoning our dogs, but it never actually mentions how. Is something from China automatically poisonous? I’m not trying to be a jerk, I just don’t understand how that makes it poisonous. I understand how buying things made somewhere other than America is bad for our economy, but I don’t understand how it’s poisonous. Please, don’t respond with any snide remarks. If there is something legitimately bad for my baby in these foods or supplements, I would like to know. I was planning to switch my pug’s food in the next few weeks anyway, so if you have suggestions for a fish based product made in the U.S. with organic, U.S. grown products, please share.

    • Great question. Often the quality of ingredients from China are substandard. Meaning they are cheap for a reason. Cheap chicken means they are processed/fed chemicals, steroids, antibiotics etc…Often they are sick, dying which makes them cheap to sell but dangerous to eat. The same could apply for other ingredients. Since the FDA does not regulate pet food well, they do not monitor the quality of ingredients used in pet foods, supplements and treats. So its safe to assume that ingredients used from China aren’t trustworthy. I hope this helps. 🙂

  24. Avatar Of Lenora King Lenora KIng says:

    if the food intended for humans is not fit for humans, it certainly stands to reason that food for pets must be equally as dangerous. there are food products grown, processed here that because of chemicals/hormones/pesticide content that is routinely adminstered here in the us, these foods are banned in other countries inthe world. leaves a sick taste in my gut knowing our own country is willing to allow us to be poisoned in the name of corporate profits for the food industry.

  25. Avatar Of Celeste



    This is not journalism. Some or all of the claims made may be true, but there is not one shred of evidence presented. The only “scandal” in this story is the shameful use of inflammatory language and allegations without substantiation. If they had the evidence, they’d present it. Clearly, all they have is hype. Sheesh.

    Yes, pet supplements can say “Made in the USA” even though ingredients are sourced elsewhere, and that’s true of human supplements, too. But just because ingredients are from the US doesn’t make them any safer or higher quality.

    For example, I’d much rather have the non-GMO ingredients from the parts of the world where they’ve been outlawed than the GMO ones grown here, for example. It’s also true that many of the plant-based ingredients used in supplements don’t grow in the US, so they have to come from elsewhere. Sometimes that’s China (not always). And just because something comes from China doesn’t mean it’s lower quality or unsafe any more than coming from the US makes it higher quality or safer. I’ve personally visited factories in both the US and China, and have seen both good and bad in both places.

    What I see in this story is a VERY thinly disguised preliminary step in a marketing plan for a new supplement line owned by the owners of DogingtonPost.com. Look outL When the “news” outlet owns the products it’s promoting and uses its position to slam the competition without proof, well, then you have a good reason to bring up the greed and ethics questions.

    THERE’S a real scandal in the making.

    Just watch and see. I’d be willing to bet they’ll continue to write inflammatory, unsubstantiated stories like this (that would have gotten a D- or worse in even one of this country’s lesser journalism schools) and then — voila! — introduce their new “personally supervised” product line.

    • Avatar Of Jo Martens Jo Martens says:

      Wow! Ok! Really? Geez!!! And I suppose you believe it’s ok for them to remove “In God We Trust” from our currency too? Be real! I’m an American and I will not buy anything knowingly that says Made in China!
      Come on!

    • Avatar Of Ralph



      Celeste, our report is currently giving our attorney conniptions. Frankly, most of the information was given to us on the phone by company representatives. We have more than enough information to name names. We do not have enough money for a legal defense fund. Heck, we’re happy if we have enough money to pay for our dog food.

      But to find out if we are telling the truth or not, instead of jumping to conclusions and claiming we are making this up because we want to go from the news business into the supplement business, CALL YOUR BABY’S PET VITAMIN AND SUPPLEMENT COMPANY AND ASK THIS QUESTION.

      “Are any of your products made or sourced in China?” And ask them to give it to you in writing.

      Sit back, and watch for response.

  26. Avatar Of Catherine Scydick

    Catherine Scydick


    PLEASE monitor this for our beloved fur babies!!! I don’t want to give them poisons! Thank You!!!

  27. Avatar Of Lainy



    I subscribe to the Whole Dog Journal. It is a monthly paper that is very informative on many issues. Once a year they turn the paper over to nutrition and list numerous brands of dog food, where they are made and what they consist of. I found this very helpful when researching diff, brands of food. One month it’s dry food the next it’s canned. I then contacted the company’ and with the help of my local pet food store was able to make a decision as to what to feed my fur kids.

  28. Avatar Of Kevin



    I would love for you to do this.. there needs to be some oversight weather it is private or not.. someone needs to keep these people in check..

  29. Avatar Of Misha Misha says:

    I feed my 2 girls raw but I do use a supplement made by a US vet so now I’m going to go contact them and see what they can tell me!! I’m kinda freaking out now 🙁

    Thank you for posting this – it just makes me SO SICK!!!

  30. Avatar Of Chrissy G

    Chrissy G


    I have pugs who all have allergies, or some issue where they take supplements – especially our little girl who has the most severe orthopedic conditions. She was rescued from a really bad hoarding situation and when she came to us we moved her off of rimadyl and onto the Herbsmith Joint line – we also moved our senior pug to this as well. We would REALLY like to know more information about this – they are our world and we would do anything for them. I would never ever want to be hurting them and not knowing. I have always thought of this brand to be a reliable one. It is sold at a particular animal boutique where we trust the owner very much. Definitely would love to have more information on this and learn more. Thanks so much foe bringing this to our attention.

    • Avatar Of Ralph



      Hi Chrissy. Your babies are lucky to have you. What we shared today is a closely guarded secret of the industry. I’d be surprised if even the local stores knew about it.

      • Avatar Of Chrissy G

        Chrissy G


        Thank you so much! We love them so much! We do acupuncture with her, however, ever since she has been on the Herbsmith she has been doing so great…I am a bit afraid because Herbsmith I thought said something about China and then Re-Checks or tests everything back here in the U.S. Is this a Company I should be concerned about? I really hope not, but if it is I am not sure what very strong joint supplements to give to her? I worry because she pants a lot. Now, the vet says this can be because she still has painful days due to severity of her conditions. I certainly do NOT want to be giving her something that could be making her ill )o: Thank you so much for this – really appreciate the time you are taking! Chrissy G.

  31. Avatar Of Belinda



    What I give my dog to ingest is very, very important to me. I make a point of checking where the food/treat is made. I would be VERY interested to know where the ingredients are sourced.

  32. Avatar Of Kate Johnson

    Kate Johnson


    Thanks for posting this. After some research, I did find a company that sources all of their ingredients in North America, and it’s made in the USA too. bixbipet.com

    • Avatar Of Ralph



      We can’t endorse or recommend what we haven’t checked. We’ve found people claim one thing but do something else. Kate, we can’t recommend them.

      • Avatar Of Kate Johnson

        Kate Johnson


        Understood, Ralph. Companies, especially those who make products not regulated by the USDA or FDA, can claim just about anything they want. With that said, you really can’t recommend any manufacturer because of this. There’s no standard, or seal of approval that can be given…other than products that have the VOHC seal, which are products clinically proven to help control plaque and tartar and overall dental health in your dog. But even with the VOHC seal, that doesn’t mean the ingredients in those products are NOT sourced from China. At the end of the day, pet owners need to do their research, speak with a veterinarian, question the company and be on the look out for recalls.

  33. Avatar Of Dusty Gres

    Dusty Gres


    I appreciate responsbile investigation and reporting of this industry. It has become obvious that there are numerous problems and areas that we pet owners and lovers need to know and understand. Please continue the work, and make sure that you present facts, figures and specifics.

  34. Avatar Of Benita



    Definitely!! PLEASE keep us informed!!

  35. Avatar Of Elizabeth Terczak

    Elizabeth Terczak


    Get involved, Please

  36. Avatar Of Sarai



    Yes some scrutiny would be helpful. Thanks for keeping us informed. It’s hard to find the right foods, make the right foods and then still get your well planned system hijacked.

  37. Avatar Of Joe



    Im dumber for having read this article. So what it’s made in china.

    • Avatar Of Ralph



      Please read some of the dozens of articles about tainted dog food made in China. Please read about thousands of dogs dying after eating products and snacks made in China.

    • Avatar Of Terri



      Really, is that even possible?

  38. Avatar Of Tad Flexmore

    Tad Flexmore


    You state, “Our investigation found massive lying and deception in the industry.” yet fail to communicate any evidence. This article is weak scare tactic to make a villainize imported products and produces no evidence that US products are any better than those in China.

    This is truly irresponsible journalism. Shame on you!

  39. Avatar Of Monica Sheffield

    Monica Sheffield


    My fur-babies all get ¼c of organic yogurt w/live cultures & acidophilus and 1tbsp apple cider vinegar in their basic ingredient dog food. All this because of a internal yeast infection one of my kids got from a top selling dog food. I was given five medications to treat her and nothing worked until the apple cider vinegar. Please list a few homeopathic websites if you know of any where natural remediesare aavailable.
    So glad I liked your page!
    Thanks so much for doingthis work and research.

  40. Avatar Of Dot



    I too wish that you would compile a list of dog product manufactures that not only use products made in the USA and not only don’t contain any products sent to them from anywhere else, but also NO GMO. Just looking at the Milk Bone label on some soft cheweys, says it is “distributed by Del Monte Pet Products a division of Del Monte Foods, San Francisco, Ca” but does not say where the product came from, and a Nutri-Vet Brewers Yeast flavored with garlic for dogs, being “distributed by PAR: Nutri-Vet LLC, 465 N. Dupont Ave, Boise Idaho”, but again not saying where it comes from.

  41. First we find out most dog foods are misleading,now this.I love my baby and would do anything for her.so no supplements period.I’d rather give her fresh veggies and fruits grown locally,and cook her own meats,than give her anything sold in a store.

  42. Avatar Of Mary



    Some of the blame for the search for cheap ingredients can be placed on consumers who are looking for a bargain. Just look at the people flocking to Walmart and Target for dog food (yuck). Some people buy dog food without looking at what’s in the bag. If it says “dog food” it must be dog food. But with all the concerns over what comes from China and their attitude of not caring about the ingredients they put in dog food (and baby food) poisonous or not, it is extremely duplicitous and, one would think, bad for business, to deceive one’s customers about the quality of the ingredients in one’s pet products. Making the customers you cater to sick or killing them is definitely not good business practice. My dogs have allergies unfortunately, so I have tried various supplements and will now have to check where everything comes from or is sourced. I use Omega 3 & 6 oil capsules. For my older dog I use a glucosamine supplement. But we shouldn’t be surprised that they don’t regulate dog supplements, I understand that human supplements are not even regulated by the FDA. We just need to be very careful when providing these things to our pets.

  43. Avatar Of Denise



    OMG….What next???? I just bought supplements for my dogs itching…guess
    I’ll just throw them and my money away! Please do what you can…this is just
    awful…who can we trust????

    • Avatar Of Dennis



      It would have been nice for DP to name some specific brands to avoid, or specific brands to purchase.

      Telling us there’s a problem is simply that.

    • Avatar Of Sonja Thomas

      Sonja Thomas


      Denise, if your dog is itching, supplements probably won’t help anyway. I just lost my Yorkie Maggie at 7 y.o. to heart failure and lymphatictasia (leaking guts) due to my efforts to relieve her itching with medication and supplements. Only when it was too late I learned that the itching was caused by a yeast overgrowth. No vet of hers, and she saw 6 of them including a dermatologist, diagnosed her with that b/c vets are not very educated when it comes to yeast overgrowth. 🙁

      To treat yeast overgrowth is very easy and inexpensive and may save your dogs life. Mix 1/3 water with 1/3 of white vinegar and 1/3 of hydrogen peroxide and wash your dog with that every three days for a month including the ears. For the ears use one of those ball thingies and really flush them. Then use the ball thingy reversed to suck out the moisture as much as possible. Afterwards dry the outer ear with a cotton ball and sprinkle some ear powder into the ear.

      Your dog should also never eat chicken, chicken byproducts, eggs, all other fowl, grains and soy. They can cause allergic reactions and change the skin chemistry in favor of yeast growth.

      To relieve itchiness immediately put a shirt or sweater on your dog and little socks on his/her feet to prevent skin injuries and hair loss.

      I really, really hope your fur baby is feeling better soon and I send you a cyber hug! Sonja

      • Avatar Of Doris Malow Doris Malow says:

        Dear Sonja:Iam so sorry for your lost! Please let me know if you can write me at [email protected]
        I would like to know if after you applied all the mix ingredients, do you rinse it or leave it? also did the Vet.did a blood test? to know about the itchiness? mine have it on her paws, now Iam giving her some medicine, and the Vet told me it has to be for a long time…
        Thank you so much.

        • Avatar Of Prosaic



          Do yourself a favor and buy “The Complete Herbal Handbook for Dogs and Cats,” by Juliette De Bairicli-Levy. She was a British veterinarian who spent over seventy years traveling the world learning the herbal traditions of the indigenous peoples she encountered.

          Early in her career, she developed a protocol to cure dogs of distemper – which most modern vets still consider incurable – and she ran a successful clinic in London where her cure rate was nearly 100%. The complete protocol she used is included in the book. Her book will also give you easy remedies for most common ailments, as well as an appropriate raw diet which will be optimum for your dog (or cat).

      • My little man has been itchy since day one! I give him special bsths like oatmeal etc.. and expensive shampoo from the vet to relieve dry skin and to help get rid of his scabs which cover his whole back. He seems worse in the fall and worse when I have him groomed. He takes allergy med and benadryl every single day to relieve his itching. He has his own calendar so he is not dosed twice in the same day. No animal should know the words “Stop scratching”! and he tries to listen to me! Odd, that all the stuff they say will help costs an arm & leg. I have bought food that costs over 60.00 a bag…grain free, prescribed from the vet and whatever else i see! I know that all of this is shortening his life span but I will keep him as comfortable as I can while he is still alive. Cancer is killing us humans and china food is killing our pets!..No one has the balls to stand up and say enough!!!! The Doginton Post is a wonderful site and I believe what they say!. By, the way, I do not believe that cooking food for your pet is sufficient for them either. Who is right and how many of our pets will suffer? Oh, and my furbaby has lumps on his body too. 3 have been removed but more are growing. Where will it all end?

        • Avatar Of Steven



          Elaine, my dog also itched excessively. When we dropped the kibble altogether and went to a raw diet, the itching stopped. It might be worth a try. The pre-packaged raw diets are the easiest for most people. There are additional benefits to the prey model raw diet, but the feeding logistics are different.

  44. Avatar Of Melissa Kelley

    Melissa Kelley


    It is almost incomprehensible to me , that in this day and age of the internet access , that companies would even begin to think that they can get away with this behavior without anyone finding out. However I guess it doesn’t matter if people DO find out , because not too many people tend to stand up to these companies. I , for one, will. I would only hope others will too.
    For the moment , I guess the only way to be sure of what our pets receive for nutrition , is if we make it ourselves. However , as one of your followers stated, people these days barely make the effort to feed themselves properly , never mind their pets. It would help if there was a list of companies that were safe. Is there one being compiled anytime soon? In the meantime, I know I will continue to cook for my “kids” till I can find and appropriate food. or perhaps I will just continue to cook for them. Its such a good feeling when my boys eat better , and are more excited about their meals that are homemade , than store bought.
    I will continue to look for more “natural” ways to provide supple
    ments and vitamins .

    • Avatar Of Dusty



      One of the things that scares me about making my own food, is what they put in our food! How do I know that I’m doing any better with all the crap they inject in our food!

  45. Avatar Of Dusty



    It’s so interesting to me, when I walk in PETCO or PETSMART I see junk made in China all over the place, but look at their ads, they claim to be such pet lovers, lying -astards!!! My worry is for the elderly, that don’t have the internet or know what’s going on. I actually had a PETCO manager tell me that something was made in USA and I said SHOW ME WHERE ON THIS CAN IT SAYS THAT, he showed me a MADE FOR company, Natural science can, and I so, let me educate you! I also spoke with a rep from that company, she said, “oh yes, our products are made in the USA, except for this, it’s made in Taiwan, where Sunkist tuna is made, and this,,,” my response to her was, “so, I’m supposed to know that your product is made in the USA, except for certain products, which is supposed to magically just come to me?”

  46. Avatar Of Linda



    They kill thousands of babies in this country,,,why would they care about fur babies?

  47. Avatar Of Carol Carol says:

    WHY IS IT…..that No one in the industry CARES ??………NO ONE CARES about animal abuse…..NO ONE CARES if they live or die……..NO ONE CARES what the industry puts in their food, how disgusting it is………and just when you think you are trying to do SOMETHING GOOD AND HEALTHY for your loved family member, THIS IS THE SNEAKY CRAP THE INDUSTRY IS PULLING………HAPPILY TAKING OUR MONEY AND MAKING US THINK AS WE PURCHASING HEALTHY SUPPLEMENTS FOR OUR FAMILY PETS……AGAIN, THEY DO NOT CARE!!!!…………….WHY are they allowed to get away with this??………..

    • Avatar Of Ralph



      Carol, it’s all about the money. We don’t know how they sleep at night.

    • Avatar Of Sue Roth

      Sue Roth


      No one cares because big business can pretty much do what they want. For years they have been making crappy foods for our pets and no one said a word. Remember a few years ago the wheat gluten poisoning that came from China? Pet died left and right and NOTHING was done to prevent it from happening again. People tried to sue and couldn’t because pets are considered property. Not one stinking thing has changed and if anything, it’s gotten worse.

  48. Avatar Of Jolie



    Thank you for taking the lead on this. Our furbabies deserve better.

  49. As I see it, the only choice we have is to avoid ALL pet supplements and feed them a diet that gives them what they need. Since many pet foods are also in this boat, we must be equally choosy, and according to this article our only sure way to know we are not allowing our pets to be poisoned is to make our own dog food from known quality products. A task many pet owners, er, um, I mean caretakers are unable or unwilling to do. Heck, so many people these days don’t cook their OWN food; box meals and fast food make up the majority of their diet.

    What would be more helpful would be to search for and compile of list of any companies that ARE safe, regardless of price, and promote them.

    • Avatar Of Ralph



      Most of the supplements are aimed at helping specific problems. These ingredients are not in any of the foods – even premium. And home cooking doesn’t supply them either. Unless for example – you cook with glucosamine.

      • Avatar Of Elizabeth



        What’s the difference in dosage/concentration in the human glucosamine since it is regulated by the FDA and they have a vested interested in humans?

    • Avatar Of Naomi



      We should be feeding them a raw diet based on non processed fresh foods, just like ourselves. If we stopped eating so much processed crap food we would all feel better.

      • Avatar Of Ralph



        We hear you. Watch for our upcoming series with our friends at Merrick on nutrition including raw foods.

  50. Avatar Of Kris



    i would love to know where my pets supplements were made.

  51. Avatar Of Kevin



    Please do this, my dog is my best friend and part of my family.

  52. Avatar Of Donna Bunting

    Donna Bunting


    Is there a way that we could petition for our fur babies to get regulations on our fur baby vitamin’s and medicines?

    • Avatar Of Ralph



      The FDA has no interest in enforcing this. We’ve already checked. 🙁

      • Avatar Of Prosaic



        The FDA is worthless, useless, and has regularly approved poisons (i.e. untested genetically engineered ingredients and various dangerous chemicals) for human use.

        They exist today primarily as cheerleaders for the global pharmaceutical and chemical giants, and there is a revolving door where FDA officials who approve said noxious products then get high level jobs with the companies they are supposed to have been regulating.

        What makes you think they would be any better at protecting our companion animals?

      • Avatar Of Cheekygrrl



        The only thing any pet parent can do is to be diligent when buying any supplements for themselves AND their furkids. This means TAKE NOTHING FOR GRANTED. Yes, the FDA is worthless, note Fen-Phen and Baycol along with many other pharmaceuticals. More people die from drug side effects every year than from vitamins. So whenever an ad says “FDA Approved”….that’s a RED FLAG to me.

    • Avatar Of Bea Freemon

      Bea Freemon


      Yes it’d be great if you would check into this. It would also be great if we knew what food to feed our pets. I honestly have no idea from one day to the next what is safe or not. Is there a list somewhere of foods that we should buy? Please point me to it. Thank you so much!

    • Avatar Of Angie




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