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The Story Behind Puppy Mills

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Puppy mills are one of the worst and most heart-breaking issues of the canine world. This is why in this article we will shed some light on the activities and scenarios that go on in these kinds of places.

These puppy mills are a result of the growing demand in purebreds and cross-breeds and the fact that female dogs cannot give birth to as many puppies as she can to meet the standards. This is why these mills were established, offering large quantities of puppies for sale at a very cheap price, often leading to the fact that many people supported them without realizing the things that happen behind bars.

The conditions in these puppy mills can be somewhat disturbing, especially for dog lovers. Puppies and their mothers are locked up in cages, given little or sometimes no human interaction at all. They also receive small amounts of food and veterinary services, and adults are kept outside in unimaginable weather conditions. And because it is a mass production establishment, the whole thing looks like an overpopulated prison or squatter area, where dogs and puppies do not receive the right amount of tender love and care.

Because of the conditions, puppies tend to have a more aggressive and anti-social behavior once they are adopted or bought by a new owner, and this may be a bit hard to correct and discipline when they get older. It is quite similar to child psychology; a child’s behavior clearly reflects the society he or she grew up in. And even worse, if these children are abused to the fact that they are never rewarded and often punished, their tendency is to no longer act positively. Let’s say a child breaks a rule and receives severe punishment, then when he or she does something good, no reward is given. The same kind of despair and negativity is felt by the puppies in these puppy mills and other similar environments. They become confused, aggressive, and if not rescued and trained properly, may become a neighborhood and social threat.

As there are so many puppies and dogs in these places, there is no time for playtime and other social dog activities. Workers and owners at the mills do not really have time for them – only punishment for bad deeds and no rewards for good deeds. And this causes the canines to become more aggressive and more negative towards humans and even towards their own kind. So if you ever bought one from these mills and it has really bad social behavior, then you’ll now understand why.

When a dog or puppy becomes highly aggressive, they are simply returned to the distributors, often to be abandoned or euthanized. The same goes for the parent dogs that cannot give birth to more puppies – what a sad reality indeed.

However, many groups and organizations are fighting for the rights of these dogs. There have been many letter-writing campaigns against some puppy mills, and animal groups have gathered many supporters to stop this kind of inhumane treatment for puppies and dogs. There are many things you can do – never support the business because it only encourages them to further continue it. Also, try to inform as many people as possible of the conditions that occur in these dark and wretched places.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Cindy Knott Cindy Knott says:

    I have 2 Chihuahua’s I rescued from a puppy mill. They were so skinny and scared. But now they are happy and healthy!!!

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