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‘The Walking Dead’: Daryl Dixon Finally Has a Dog!

Dog-loving fans of The Walking Dead can finally rejoice – Daryl Dixon is getting a dog!

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Man’s best friend, who had remained glaringly absent from the post-apocalyptic series (with the exception of a one-eyed straggly, yet heroic, stray in an early episode) is finally getting  some time in the spotlight – as beloved character, Daryl Dixon’s sidekick!

Fans can expect to see the dynamic duo this season, based on previews that aired during last Sunday’s emotionally jarring episode. (If you aren’t caught up, stop reading now – spoilers ahead!)

In a new preview for The Walking Dead’s season 9, episode 6, we learn that the much-anticipated Whisperers are finally coming, but eagle-eyed fans may have spotted another (more exciting!) spoiler…Daryl Dixon is finally getting the dog fans have always wanted for him.

In one clip, Daryl is seen walking through a field, following behind a four-legged cast member. In another scene, the duo are shown side-by-side, leading a group through the field.

The Walking Dead posted the exciting clip to Instagram, captioning it, “Yes, Daryl has a dog. Yes, Henry’s a teenager, and yes, The Whisperers arrive this Sunday. Get ready for #thewalkingdead to get scary again.”

Daryl’s new canine sidekick appears to be a fairly young German Shepherd or Malinois that, because this season jumps ahead 6 years, would have been born into the apocalypse, giving fans and dog-lovers alike hope that, as they have over thousands of years, dogs will survive.

But, let’s hope The Walking Dead producers remember that, as dog lovers, we don’t care what happens – as long as the dog lives.


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