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Is There Any Reason to Stop Loving ‘The World’s Cutest Dog’?

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Boo, The World’s Cutest Dog, is being scrutinized for his speedy rise to popularity. But, we still think he’s worth loving! Photo courtesy of Boo.

Boo, the tiny 9-lb Pomeranian with a fluffy hairdo, his own book deal, a stuffed animal modeled after him, and over 5 Million Facebook fans had his popularity called into question when it was discovered that his owner is a Facebook employee.

But, really, is that any reason to stop loving the “World’s Cutest Dog?”

Boo’s owner, Irene Ahn, started a Facebook fan page for Boo in 2009 and the little pup became an internet sensation when celebrities began to take notice. Pop singer, Ke$ha tweeted that Boo was her new boyfriend and Khloe Kardashian posted a picture of him on her blog and wrote, “OMG, I just discovered this dog named Boo on facebook and I am seriously in LOVE. I obviously had to share the amazingness with all of you LOL. If you’re on facebook, go like this page because it’s beyond cute! I want this dog!!!”

Can you spot the real Boo? Here’s the tiny Pomeranian modeling with the stuffed animal created after him. Photo courtesy of Boo.

With Boo’s celebrity nods, came his meteoric rise to super-stardom. He made an appearance on Good Morning America (video below!) and the adorable little pup got a book deal through Chronicle Books.

There’s no denying Boo is a cute dog. However, some are questioning Boo’s rise to fame, saying Facebook is behind it all because his owner works there, and because she has stayed behind the scenes. But, does any of that really matter? Truth is, Boo is an adorable dog. The 9-lb pup lights up the faces of everyone that see him.

If one little dog can bring joy to millions, no matter how he got there, he should be celebrated!

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  1. Avatar Of Peg Pruitt

    Peg Pruitt


    He’s just too cute! Enough said.

  2. Avatar Of Claire Laskowski

    Claire Laskowski


    Don’t care who Boo’s owner is. He is simply adoreable and I’m grateful to have seen him on Face Book.

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