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There’s No Slowing Down for Retired K9 Officer ‘Jansen’

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Jansen enjoys a happy, pain-free life after retiring from the police force!

Few professional working relationships are as critical, or as close, as that between a law enforcement K-9 dog and his officer partner. One is willing to put his life on the line for the other, and vice versa, as they carry out their work – work that often requires dashing into dangerous spaces, stopping fleeing suspects, long hours on foot and the need for serious agility. There’s no room for stiff joints, injury or pain in this type of calling.

It’s this relationship, and thousands of others among pet owners and their dogs, that motivated ProLabs Pets’ clinical studies for a top-notch canine joint health supplement. Recently, they’ve heard first-hand from law enforcement K-9 teams how the joint health supplement FLEX Rx is helping these special dogs on the job and in retirement.

“My life is in his hands his is in mine,” said law enforcement K-9 handler Michael Bard of his Shepherd/Malinois mix Jansen, who was recently retired from the force.

Jansen is an expert at apprehending suspects and sniffing out evidence, including narcotics, worked side-by-side with Mr. Bard for years. Part of his daily routine was to jump up onto high surfaces and jump through car windows. At almost ten years old, Jansen began showing signs of his age.

“Even getting out of the car,” Mr. Bard said, “he’s a little stiffer.”

Mr. Bard noticed that Jansen wasn’t jumping as high as he once did and didn’t want to jump in and out of the car windows anymore. For a dog that accompanied SWAT teams on raids and wrestled gang members into submission, seeing him slow down was a sign that he could be facing issues with his joints.

Mr. Bard was introduced to FLEX Rx through an acquaintance that trains dogs and other animals for the federal government. Mr. Bard treated Jansen with FLEX Rx and said he was shocked when he noticed a definite difference with Jansen within a week.

“He was more active,” he said. “He would jump up on his own.”

Brian Reardon, ProLabs Pets, sees stories like Jansen as part of a trend toward pet owners to find solutions for joint health and a willingness to invest in those solutions. “It used to be that stiffness or slowing down in a dog was viewed as something to just expect or to learn to live with, even though owners didn’t want to see their pet in pain,” says Reardon. “In the past decade, veterinarians have been responding to high levels of consumer requests for information and products related to dogs’ joint health. Pet owners are taking a much more proactive stance to help their dogs live as pain-free as possible as valued members of their family.”

Reardon said pet owners are also looking for products that don’t have traditional pain relief ingredients, such as acetaminophen, which have been shown to harm pets. Instead, owners are requesting more natural ingredients, such as those from phytochemical food source materials found in FLEX Rx. There’s also an antioxidant effect in many products, which lines up with pet owners’ interest in promoting healthy cartilage, tissues and joints before the joint stiffness causes a major shift in a pet’s lifestyle. Much like caring for a human member of the family, pet owners are seeking out products without side effects and those that truly work from a research-based perspective.

Today, Jansen is retired from the K-9 unit and spends his days with the Bard family. He’s still active and loves to play, especially with his favorite toys. Mr. Bard gives him low doses of FLEX Rx so that he can fully enjoy his retirement years. After an active career on the force working to keep his community safe, Jansen deserves the helpful benefits of FLEX Rx.

“I knew it was his time,” Mr. Bard said of retiring Jansen. “I knew he was going to have just as good a time at home with us. I also knew we wanted to make sure he could move and play in ways he was used to doing, even as he ages.”

For more information about ProLabs Pets and FLEX Rx, the innovative new joint health supplement that has helped Jansen to enjoy a happy, pain-free retirement, click here.

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