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Thinking of Swimming With Your Dog?

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Probably NOT! After all, didn’t a major winter storm just paralyze much of the USA? But fear not, warmer weather is almost upon us. Of the many available, you have probably read a guide to swimming with dogs from different popular media that most dogs instinctively know how to swim. And we also know that swimming can be both a good form of exercise, and a great leisurely activity to bond well with your buddy. Not only that, it can also save your dog’s skin from the summer heat and cool your pooch down a bit.

A Guide to Swimming with Dogs

By instinct, “most” dogs really do know how to swim, and they can do this with proper care and training. However, be cautious with your dog when he or she is first exposed to pools or the ocean — there actually are some dogs that can’t swim.

As you probably know, there is a swimming stroke called the “doggy paddle”, which is named after them. Initially your dog may seem to not like the water, you will eventually find out that they do love it after all, and soon start paddling their way all over the lake, river, pool, or pond. However, there may be breeds that are more attached to the water, while some are pretty shy at plunging in.

Just as children learn how to swim it is important for the dogs safety as well as yours when in the water together. All owners need to read a guide to swimming with dogs so they understand the potential hazards when swimming with their dog. Even if their swimming abilities are instinctive they still do not know how not to cause trouble around the pool. Below are a few great tips for a guide to swimming with dogs on how to spend an accident-free swimming vacation with your dog:

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  1. Avatar Of Leesa Lynch

    leesa lynch


    my little Onyx loves to swimm n yes he can n does climb the laddler he this loves to go swimming but he different than most dogs he wears a shirt every day he does not like to be nake durning daylight hours lol

  2. Avatar Of Ladymorgahnna



    Also, don’t let your dog drink from the ocean. Mine did it, and the result was vomiting and extremely volatile bowel movements, if you catch my drift. Both our dogs drank as they swam and they were sick for 24 hours.

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